Transferring from UK to France (Funding)

15-Oct-19, 18:34
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posted about 7 months ago
Dear all,

I am just started my second year of PhD in the UK. I have an excellent relationship with my supervisor, e.g we met almost every week to talk about research.
But things are about to change; otherwise I would not have anything to share on this forum.

My advisor is moving into a French university in January. Since we work well together (and also since I am French) the best solution seems to be for me to transfer there. From an administrative point of view this should not be to much of a problem - not taking into account the usual paperwork.

The main issue is, as always, money! My stipend comes from my university. So if I leave for France I will loose it. I does not seem possible to get founding from the French institute. Or at least it is not possible to apply for funding before March or July depending (on what is not clear right now, we are still investigating). So we are starting to look at other possible sources of scholarship.

Now that I gave you the required background let me ask my questions.
Do you know of any case of students that transferred into a French institute/university with new funding?
How did it happened? For example, studentships cover usually 36-month PhD, how does it work for a transfer where part of it as already being done?
Do you know of other sources of founding for these situations? Or a way to find these?
More generally do you have any commentary or opinion on the subject that could benefit me?

Thanks in advance to anybody that took the time to read this, even more if you offered some constructive advice.
21-Oct-19, 10:14
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by rewt
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posted about 7 months ago
Is your UK funding secure? Because you could continue your PhD in the UK but do the work in the France. There are lots of travel schemes for European travel and you could become a visiting student at the French Uni. That way you could probably keep your current funding without losing your supervisor. It is not ideal but could be a stop-gap.

I don't know anyone who has moved their PhD to another country but I know a few people who have moved between UK universities. When their supervisors moved, the supervisor usually asked for funding as part of their job application. I think it is easier in the UK because research councils somewhat standardize funding with similar regulations.
21-Oct-19, 19:39
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posted about 7 months ago
See if your UK university has any agreements with France on joint PhDs or 'co-tutelle' - some do and it could solve the problem.
22-Oct-19, 15:35
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posted about 7 months ago
Yes - there's surely going to be a way - even if you don't officially sign up to do your PhD there - e.g., through co supervision. Good luck!!!


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