slecting universities amd MBA course

03-Jul-08, 09:09
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posted about 12 years ago
hi i am bit confused in selecting univ.i am planing for MBA finance and busines.i am having 1year exp and 6.5score in IELTS.which univ could be better.I should also be able to find parttime jobs and the fees should be below 10laks.And is MBA finance and bisunes a gud choice for me.IS UWIC(univ of walves cardiff) a gud university for MBA and also can we get part time jobs easily so that it could help in my expenditure..please sugest me the univ and also whether MBA finance nad business is a gud choice for me .
05-Jul-08, 06:25
by golfpro
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posted about 12 years ago
An MBA is a very intensive course so I would doubt you'd have the time to fit in any P/T work. Also the UK's entering a recession so this will seriously impinge on the availability of such employment possibilites. Thirdly, would your visa actually entitle you to work in the UK?
14-Jul-08, 01:57
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posted about 12 years ago
I would say UWIC (its University of Wales Institute Cardiff) is not a good option for MBA.
Better apply in universities based in some good cities like Newcastle, Birmingham, Aberdeen and so.

Birmingham City University is supposed to be most affordable amongst all the other universities located in Birmingham City and known as good university for its quality education. Being in this city and getting interacted with people from different part of the world as well as with different school of thought, you would be able to learn more and getting more chances in future regarding job scenario.
14-Jul-08, 13:30
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posted about 12 years ago
Birmingham City is a ex polytechnic (also known as UCE). Probably not the best. At least check here before acting.
Beware of MBA programmes with nearly all Non UK students. They are often money making schemes. It is not an international, multi-cultural experience, you live and work with people from home. The degrees are not highly regarded; they may be "mickey-mouse" degrees. In the UK quite a lot of colleges offer degrees in partnership with recognised universities. In my experience (I've worked in some, as well as good places) they are "not the best". Beware UK colleges offering USA, French or Australian degrees. E.G. AIBA is authorised to deliver in Australia but not in UK. Check how long the degree programme has been running. Check the staff teaching the course. For USA check USDE, CHEA and OSAC. LONDON HAS MANY BOGUS MBA COURSES.


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