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having a horrible time.....

Yup, monster supervisor with huge ego and inflated pride. Definitely a no no in the business world of Guanxi and a no no in Asia. With this kind of attitude it is best you call it a day and move on forward by doing something more productive and possibly more profitable. Most academics might have high IQs but may have to go on a course of EQ. But then again it is those with the theoretical and mathematical rigour that brought down the major banks in Wall Street. So begs the question is there integrity?

Advice for those considering a PhD

Very soon universities will think of money making products like Post PhDs and DScs so as to encourage you to spend more. It is all part of the scheme of things to part with money or donate cheap labour. Trust me the effort is not worth it and many unis won't tell you if the ROIs or the ROCEs is worth it.

Trying to salvage something from a failure

Quite common with a uni down under at wagga wagga, you are left without a cert nor even a consolation prize and if you were to continue more money might have to be discharged like a mulitlevel marketing scheme. Best bet leave it to experience and save money and get on with life, think positive and don't let a uni get your future down. That uni is not worth it. After all look at all the bankrupt unis fleecing Asian students now when their investments fell by the wayside in Wall Street.

supervisor disappeared

Quite common with unis down under when they franchise their programs abroad. That is why they have a bad rap with Asian students in India, China and the rest of SE Asia:-(

Bad supervision meeting

Usually, the supervisor may be having a bad day or is not attuned to the subject matter and is just doing supervision for the extra pocket money. This results in frustration for the candidate and wonders whether one is a failure or not. However, it is not the supervisee that is at fault as more often it is the case of the non-committed supervisor who is probably thinking of issues like finances and buying the latest luxury mansion.

A Teaching Career after a PhD

I think most PhDs are trying to get out of lecturing if they can as more commercialised universities with more than 30 hours a week lecturing work load are blooming all over the world. Further, with subcontinentals replacing bona fide citizens pretty soon the pay will also drop and they will be paying you in foreign depreciated currencies.