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Assistance with PhD Proposal Please

Quote From thiya:
I think context for research could also include why you want to do the project. Eg. why you are motivated, why it is important etc. I only say this because I've submitted a proposal and gotten feedback that I didn't properly explain the why of it -_-

Thanks for the advice thiya - I will make sure I explain the "why" part of the proposal. Thanks, much appreciated.

Assistance with PhD Proposal Please

Hi Mog,

Thanks so much for your reply, Its really helped me get my head around what to write where. After reading several books and online guides, many should consider themselves lucks for having a 2000 word count for their proposal....750 words, i dont know how you did it!

Would you put a short literature review in the proposed area of research, or in the context of research?

Thank you - i'll defiantly let you know how things go. I'm truly exited to get started, im looking forward to the journey.

Assistance with PhD Proposal Please


I am in the process of applying for a PhD in the field of forensic science. Currently i am writing up my proposal; the university has requested a specific format:

Please indicate in general terms the area of your research interest. Please use the headings below to form the basis of your outline. Approximately 1-2 sides of A4 are expected.
For MPhil/PhD/MD(res):
• Proposed area of Research
• Aim and Focus of the study
• Context for the Research
• Research Methodology, including data collection and analysis
• Research Skills
• Indicative References/publications

Their not (surprisingly) asking for more than 1-2 sides which seems short to me.

I am really confused right now as the headings seem to overlap in what their asking (might just be me!)

From what I understand from each heading:

• Proposed area of Research - Backgroud of the subject area
• Aim and Focus of the study - My achievement aims
• Context for the Research - Im really not sure what to put here??
• Research Methodology, including data collection and analysis - how i will conduct my research
• Research Skills - my research skills
• Indicative References/publications - references used

Can someone please shed some light in what i should be putting under each category, as right now im finding myself starting at a blank page! ive readup on proposal writing books and other references but im confused as to whats being asked under each category.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.