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Thread: Physics PhD with Masters Distinction but 2.2 Bachelors?

21-Jul-20, 12:10
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posted about 3 weeks ago
I'm sure you're all fed up of the threads like this but if at all possible I'd like some entirely honest input, don't be afraid to say it as candidly as you can

Went from being a good student up until university, I got into a top 5 UK university, then my bachelor's went catastrophically If anything I would attribute it to family and financial issues but I don't want to seem like I'm making excuses on my applications as these are vague enough that anyone could claim it. Even during this terrible undergrad, I got consistently high marks in the research modules (All 1st's). Because of this and a recommendation from one of my old supervisors I was able to get into a taught masters program at an equally good university (I figured a change of scenery would do me well) and so far things have actually been going so much better.

I'm nearing the end of the Masters now, just in the final stages of submitting my thesis and it looks like I'm on track for a distinction( 1st class equiv). Seeing all the graduates in physics who have high 1st's and were consistently top of the class struggling with Ph.D.'s makes me wonder about my chances. On top of that, due to the family financial issues I'd mentioned above all 3 summers at university I had to work almost full time and couldn't partake in any internships as most don't pay much if at all so I don't have that to my name either.

My target fields are High-Energy Physics or Astrophysics but I know these are among the most competitive. What are my chances and any advice on how to catch admissions staff's attention despite my poor undergrad
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