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Profile Evaluation, Public Policy

Undergraduate GPA: 3.96/4.0(converted), average grade of 9.88/10(valedictorian)

Thesis: The Construal of the Romanian Financial Crisis, 2008-2010-Graded with 10/10

Additional studies: Certified Project Manager-National Accreditation Center; Certified Risk Manager-The Romanian Financial Studies Institute. Numerous online classes taken in mathematics, from topology to real analysis.

Research Experience: Currently working as a Research Assistant at the University of Bucharest, cooperating for a global project in quantitative political sociology with UC Irvine, Georgia State University and Boston University. I have published a paper on the Financial Crisis of 2008 in a peer-reviewed journal, although a rather average one.
Work Experience: Worked as the Public Affairs Officer for a start-up in the field of medical technology and as a communication trainer for the largest national NGO in the field of informal education.

Other experience: research intern for the Aspen Institute in their public policy department and administrative intern for a brokerage company.

Letters of Recommendation:
1. From my Research Supervisor, well-known professor in the field of political sociology, with expertise in quantitative design.
2. From my Public Policy professor, who is the current programs manager at a renowned school of management in Europe.

I expect both recommendations to be excellent.

I plan to apply for a number of MPPs in Europe, what do you think of my chances?