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Post-grad funding for disabled mature student


As A physically and mentally disabled mature student (50yo), I’ve been offered an unconditional place at Ulster University.
I’m concerned about fees because I’ve defaulted on a student loan to from a Fine Art Degree ending 1995.

Though I never earned above the ‘payback’ threshold I lost touch, and was considered unfit for work due to clinical depression and psychosis from 2003 (which was then compounded by brain injury and partial paralysis in 2013, psychiatric hospital 2014, and open-heart surgery 2017), I think that the loan default may be still outstanding.

I’ve been advised to declare myself permanently unfit for work, But I’m worried that freeing myself from a previous loan for that reason may undermine an application for a disability grant to cover fees etc.

I am also worried about potential loss of benefit income because it just gets me through now and I rely on it.

Please can you offer me some advice?

I type with one finger on my left hand, and this has been a struggle, so any insight would be most welcome!