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I need a private toutor

Quote From Flipper:

I am only at the pre-design stage of my survey so am learning very basic statistics but I find that Youtube has all sorts of useful academic presentations on it. It may be worth doing a quick search to see if any of your difficulties can be answered there.

This may be an obvious suggestion but you did say "any suggestion welcome" Good luck with your analysis :-)

Thank you :-)

I need a private toutor

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Thanks but it doesn't work. I need an expert professor or postdoctoral researcher who is very comfortable with this very complicated Confirmatory Factor Analysis that I been required to test.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

I need a private toutor

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As I have some challenges in analyzing my data, I need a private tutor who is capable to guide me through the rest of my PhD study.
I am using SPSS software and still have some difficulty understanding statistics.