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PhD with a CFA level 3, distinction in masters and a 2:2 in undergraduate.

Hello everyone,

Given the unprecedented situation, I hope you all are fine, safe and well. I am an international student in the U.K. I completed my undergraduate in BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance but due to major mitigating circumstances (which are documented), I ended up with a 2:2. I was always a bright student and this took a toll on me.

Initially, I always wanted to work but due to a 2:2, my chances were hampered. I applied to a finance master but I was rejected due to my poor grade. However, they were taking on people that have completed CFA level 1. I studied for it and passed in the 90th percentile. I then ended up giving level 2 and I cleared it. I got a position in a masters' program in the U.K. and recently my programme director emailed me that I am ranked second (76.5%) in my cohort, just shy of 0.5% of the top ranked student. Only the dissertation component is remaining and I am comfortable enough to state that I will clear the programme with a distinction.

The programme contained a lot of coding element and I have found that I have fallen in love with it. I plan on working for 4 years to give my CFA level 3 and get my CFA charter. At the same time, I plan on studying a part-time master in Data Science focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). My focus has shifted towards academia and I want to actively pursue it. I want to be a lecturer now.

I have given you my background and my plan for the next 4 years, given these do you think that I would be eligible for a fully-funded PhD programme in the U.K.?

Moreover, what are the chances that I apply for the next year for a PhD given my current academic record (CFA level 2, distinction in master and 2:2 in undergraduate)?

Many thanks and have a nice day.