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MRes after MSc?

I graduated from Biomedical Science with just barely a 2.1 last year, I am currently a MSc student in cancer, due to some personal issues I had problems with my lessons and lab work, I was even unable to attend the lectures and lab for over a month. As you can imagine this has set me back quiet a bit and although I was aiming for a merit I am pretty sure I am going to end up with just a pass.

This brings me on to my question, is it worth it to do an MRes after my MSc in the same field ? I am sure that the extra 12 months of lab experience from an MRes would make me much more prepared for a PhD, given that I also did not have a lab based project in my undergrad.I am curious if this would effect my PhD applications in a positive or negative way.

Any comment/advice is much appreciated.