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Unable to decide on Thesis topic

Quote From Tudor_Queen:
It may be helpful to find recent-ish reviews (white or gret matter) in your area and see what they suggest about directions for future research. A couple of things may spark your interest. You can then read a little further to see what has been done/if it is something you would want to work on.

Another thing you could do is talk to some of those in the field about what topics are of current interest. Do any of those interest you? Chatting in that way is also a good way to get yourself hooked up with a supervisor who has similar interests.

I'm from a completely different field so I hope this is still helpful.

I'll try talking to somebody. Thanks!

Unable to decide on Thesis topic

Quote From DrJayJericho:
Hi Zerocool

This is a topic I am passionate about. It is my personal opinion that most people who do not choose a topic they are passionate about are less likely to finsih or score a high mark.

These are not the only factors to consider in choosing a question. For example, see

Thanks, the video have been informational.

Unable to decide on Thesis topic

Quote From spidermanspiderman:
Google for masters dissertations in your field for inspiration and to get an idea of what is expected of a masters dissertation overall.

I agree that the course is asking you to make the decision quite early on.

I have been doing that, but like you said its too damn early and I have got a lot of new subjects to learn.
Thanks for your inputs.

Unable to decide on Thesis topic

I am a Master student in Civil engineering, I have recently moved in to the US. Its just been 20 days since the classes started and I am already asked to decide on a topic for my thesis, which I'm suppose to be working on for the NEXT 2 YEARS.
I have taken up classes that Im interested in and I'd like to pursue my research in the same classes/areas. I think I will be able to understand a little bit about the classes at the end of my semester (understand as in learn something out of it). The classes that I have taken up are relatively new for me (I have no prior knowledge on those topics, not even from my undergrad), so how can I decide on a topic even before ACTUALLY STUDYING about it?
Its driving me crazy, the assignment for selecting a topic is due this week and the only advise my 'advisor' gave me is to read literature. I dont know what is expected of me, like do they seriously expect me to learn everything (the things that Im going to learn during my Master's) just by reading articles/journals?!
Im confused, someone please help.