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pass with major corrections?!

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Hi Blackbyrd,

I am in the same situation. I passed but with major corrections. If you are in the UK then there is nothing wrong in it. These days with the new rules if you have passed you either get minor corrections (3 months) or major (12 months). I know it is frustrating and extremely annoying but it is better than having another viva. If you get major correction the external and internal will check it again, however you will not have another viva.

Hang in there buddy.

PhD boyfriend with NO job

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Hi Azureray,

I know a lot of people have already replied to your post. I just wanted to add to it. I recently completed my PhD in the humanities and while I was writing up I was extremely moody and cranky. My boyfriend is still pursuing his PhD but in a field where jobs are already lined up for him even though he still has two more years.

I always complained that I would not get a job and he would leave me because I was not good enough. Despite my insecurities and crazy mood swings he stood by me. He has a much better scholarship than mine and many t.a opportunities. I recently completed my PhD and got a good job prior to my viva. My boyfriend still treats me the way he did when I was student he does not love me more because I have job now, he always had faith in me.

My point is that finishing a PhD is difficult and getting a job in academia is even tougher. I just got lucky as I was in the right place at the right time. Be patient with your boyfriend if you want to be with and realise that the last stage of writing up is the toughest.

However if he is condescending and thinks he is superior that is silly. My boyfriend's PhD is way cooler than mine and he does the so called real science. Though he teases me sometimes about my work he is never condescending. In any relationship there has to be mutual respect and if you think it is not there, then you have to decide what you want in the future. You have to do what is good for you.


Disastrous viva result

In the UK depending on your supervisor you still have a chance to choose your external.

Disastrous viva result

Hi there,

It is not ethical for the external to review the changes until they are over. However in my case he wants me to follow his framework, change my entire argument and in short just chuck all my ideas and work till date. I don't know if I can appeal against the process. There was a bit of an issue during the viva because it was felt that he was being harsh and so they asked me to leave in the end and they spoke to the external. God knows what came out of it but the external definitely has given me one year of correction and based on the fact that he does like the theory I chose though he said I defended it well. He said that he had already made up his mind and come what may I would have to delete it and re-write based on a new framework.

Disastrous viva result

Hi PhD researchers,

I had my viva recently and it was a horrible experience. I was calm and I answered all the questions raised. However, the external had already made up his mind that he did not like my thesis and it was not worthy of being passed. He had decided that I would need to do major revisions and another viva. Luckily I defended my thesis well so he said I passed my viva. However he hated my thesis and was just against the theory I used and he wants me to follow his style of work. He wants me to change the research questions, theory and he wants to guide me now. He has retired and I think he misses academia and this is his way of still being in control. I worked very hard and my supervisors were strict and allowed me submit once they considered my work was good. They were surprised with the manner and tone taken by the external but they could do nothing to help me.

So now am stuck with massive revisions and an external who wants to be my supervisor. My advice to all of you out there is that if possible ensure that your external is not retired (too much free time) and is not a cranky old man. As for me I can see a few hellish months coming up.:-( The poor internal was allowed bullied by the external.