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Monday, 29 June 2020 at 11:36pm
Wednesday, 15 July 2020 at 5:25pm
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Thread: Starting after a decade

29-Jun-20, 23:45
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by anusays
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posted about 2 months ago
Hi all,

I will be starting my PhD this fall in environment management and science. I am looking for advice on how to get a little prepared for this experience. I think I don't remember much from what I studied in the master like GIS, economics which will be a part of my thesis, so I am trying to revise some of the concepts by online courses or videos.

I am wondering what software and technical skills will be helpful to learn beforehand. I wish to perform my best in the program and look for post doc in some high ranked universities. What things I have to keep in my mind for this? How important is the course work score?

Being a mom of two kids and during this pandemic, I am still not sure how everything is going to work out. But want to be prepared for what I can do.

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