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Thread: Part time and funding - advice needed

03-Oct-19, 18:26
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by as222
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posted about 8 months ago

I'm after some advice please...

I'm seriously considering doing a phd in Education next year. I work full time as a social sciences secondary teacher and I'm currently in my final year doing a Master's in Education Studies part-time. I've really been inspired and engaged with re-entering HE after an 11 year period. I've been getting all distinctions for my assignments, ranging from 78-95%. My average is 84%.I've enjoyed working independently and to be honest, I know that even if I didn't attend the weekend sessions we sometimes have, I'd still understand a lot of the content.

I'm not prepared to give up my full-time job for financial reasons so I'm thinking about doing a phd in education part time and possibly distance learning/ online. I have the following questions...

1. What is the difference between part tine distance learning / online courses and just part time phd? I don't want to be campus based? If I chose a uni that offers the part time phd would I constantly have to visit? I won't be able to enroll at nearby universities because there are not many that offer the PhD part-time and also I'm finding that are differences in terms of fees.

2. I want to apply for funding and I'm particularly interested in studying education and disability but not sure if I would be likely to get funding since I have full time employment. Any thoughts? Not even sure how this process works?

3. If I chose to do the EdD instead of the PhD I think it is unlikely that I would get funding for the former? Is that correct? Having done some research it seems funding is likely to be given to candidates who produce new research, ie PhD thesis.

4. I'm going to a couple of uni postgraduate events next month to find out some further info but am I correct in thinking that in order to apply, it's simply a case of just following the university application process and then if accepted apply for funding thereafter? I'm really struggling to understand how you apply for funding. How long is the process?

5.Do I just apply to as many universities as I want and go to the one that perhaps best fits/ suits my needs?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read. Sorry it's so long.

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