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Reserve for funding

I am in the same cycle of waiting anxiously to know if the reserved list works out. Would you be able to tell me if you finally did get the funding? My own subject area is very uncommon within the broader subject of sociology, so I would say that perhaps the course is not that popular. The departmental funding that I've been reserved for has so far awarded many scholarships, but none to the specific course I applied for within Social Sciences. I called them up to ask the size of the reserved list pool, and got to know that there are 6 candidates along with me. Very recently, they made available 2 more awards, so I'm unsure if the reserved list size has decreased or not. I rang up to know where I stand on the reserved list, and for ethical reasons, they couldn't disclose that to me. So, now I just want to hear a third person perspective on whether I stand a chance in getting this funding, or should I give up all hope. The reserved list waiting game is full of anxiety, so insights from all of you would be much appreciated.

PhD funding Reserve list

Quote From HumsApplicant:
Hiya, I received an email today to say that following an interview, I am on the reserve list for funding for the SWW DTP. I understand that there's no way of knowing how many people are on the list and what position I might be on it but does anyone know whether every candidate that gets interviewed gets placed on the reserve list?
This is my last chance for funding for this year so fingers crossed!

I am in the same boat, as I am on the reserved list for a PhD Scholarship and the waitlist pool consists of 6 candidates. I am unaware where I stand in terms of ranking of these 6 candidates, but if anyone could share their thoughts on the possibility of this panning out, that'd be really helpful.

Is PhD studentship or scholarship possible with pass Master degree?

HI B108,
I am in the exact same situation, and was wondering if you can tell me how your experience of PhD application been so far. Were you able to secure funding? PS- I am also an international student who secured low marks due to some family problems back in my home country. Would be really great to hear from you.

What if I don't get a merit/distinction on my MSc?

I have a similar concern. I have applied to Glasgow and Bristol for PhD after receiving a masters (2:2) from Edinburgh University. I have a first class under graduation though.It is a development studies field that I'm talking about. Things are getting awkward now because my potential supervisor from Glasgow (who is really interested in my research topic) has not reverted back since the time I shared my postgraduate transcripts with her. I am so worried about getting an acceptance letter, I can't imagine my state of mind while waiting to hear about scholarship decisions. Am I barking up the wrong trees here? Or would you guys suggest that I pursue it? Just two days ago, I received an acceptance letter from Bristol but not a scholarship offer, so I am back to where I started. Suggestions/Tips/ Recommendations, please?