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Transfer Phd to another institution in the UK?

Quote From critchln:
I transferred half way through my second year. Me and my supervisors had an amicable falling out. Whilst we left on good terms we had become too diametrically opposed to function as a team any more.

I love my new institution and it was totally worth it.

However it took ages (7 months) and I think it caused me more stress than the PhD did at any given point.

can you write about the procedure ? I mean what did you say about the reason for transfer ? Did you have to do your 2nd year all over again ? I am terribly depressed with the racist attitude of my supervisor and can't take it any more. I have just started my 2nd year PhD. Please write about your experience. Thanks. .

Method vs Methodology

Hello everyone, for my PhD upgrade, I will have to submit a report with a Method section and I will also have to submit a separate Methodology document. In the Methodology, i have included epistemological position, reflexivity, location, sample technique, data collection and analysis and for the method, I took bits from the 1st doc. But my supervisors are not happy and they are also not saying what to include in them to make them different. Anybody can help please ?

Participant recruitment ideas !!

Hello, I am at 1st year of my PhD at the moment in Social science. Can anyone from the same field share their experience on how they have collected and recruited participants for interviews as part of the data collection process ? Please note that the fieldwork will not be in a developed country, so digital ways like survey monkey etc will hardly work. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance. Cheers !! :-D