Method vs Methodology


Hello everyone, for my PhD upgrade, I will have to submit a report with a Method section and I will also have to submit a separate Methodology document. In the Methodology, i have included epistemological position, reflexivity, location, sample technique, data collection and analysis and for the method, I took bits from the 1st doc. But my supervisors are not happy and they are also not saying what to include in them to make them different. Anybody can help please ?


Method is the research tool you used and methodology all the theory behind your research

Hope this helps a bit


Hi bayleave_life,

I used Crotty's (1998) four part framework to structure my 'Research Context' chapter: epistemology, theoretical perspective, methodology and methods. The full reference in case you are interested in finding out more:

Crotty, M. (1998). The foundations of social research. Meaning and perspectives in the research process. London: Sage Publications


For something a bit more theoretical / interesting give M Hammersley 'Methodology: Who Needs it?' (Sage 2011) a read.