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Study buddy

Hi! I am also working on my proposal to submit by the end of the month and would like a study buddy. I am looking to work on it at least 3 times a week.

PhD with a pass/merit for MSc

Quote From Noctu:
Well I can only describe my own situation, a mid 2:1 from a former Poly, an MSc pass (distinction in dissertation & research methods, and mid to high 60%s in everything else) from a former, different Poly, and I was accepted to a UK top 5 university for my PhD.

That sneaky £20 under the table at the interview helped too ;-)... !

Thanks for the advice, I'm sadly probably looking at a pass or a merit at best for my MSc, though I had a first class BA, I guess my hope lies in submitting a killer dissertation as I had a distinction in my research methods module. Maybe after all of that a PhD will be still within reach.