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Waiting for viva and JSA?

Just thought I'd add, it's 25% discount for people who live on their own (non students)..but 100% discount for students (if they live on their own). If two people live together (one student and one non student) then a 50% reduction is applied.

Waiting for viva and JSA?

Yes, if you live alone you get 100% reduction, if there are two it's 50% reduction. Each council has an allowance so a small shortfall may be incurred. If you look on the back of your council tax bill it has the information on the back with all the different codes....the council may not tell you if you're entitled to a reduction so it's better to be fully aware of what you're entitled to. If you have been paying for council tax and you shouldn't have, I'd seek a refund (or similar)..hope this information helps.

Waiting for viva and JSA?

Be aware JSA may not exist in your area.. It's Universal Credit. I would advise to speak to your student office, citizens advice. With council tax reduction you would be exempt from council tax if you live alone. It depends on the council as they have an 'allowance' and if your council tax is above that you'll have to pay the shortfall.

You may be entitled to Income Support, however this too (like JSA is a legacy benefit, so it falls into the 'wonderful' category of Universal Credit.

If you were to receive JSA/UC either way you wouldn't have to pay council tax. And as a student you are exempt. The rules are not clear online and seem to miss out students.

Hope this helps

Am I being impatient?

So I just need to rant/vent/get this off my chest, because I feel like I'm about to lose my mind!

I've applied to study a Doctorate way back in November as I was informed that the quicker I got my application in, the quicker I would be considered for selection. Turns out this wasn't the case. So I was under the impression that the interviews are in January, February, May and June. Hence why I applied as quick as I did. I work full time and have a child so I literally cannot be waiting around, I needed to do the interview so I know what I'm doing come September.

My own stupid fault for thinking that I would be informed in December for an interview in January. When this became apparent that there was no decision made, I emailed the admissions team who said they would be shortlisting in the beginning of February.... Yet again I've not heard anything. I have called admissions twice who have passed the buck and have said they are not part of the admissions process! I was then told to contact the head of the course (to which he hasn't responded) I've emailed the faculty (they've not responded) and I've managed to find another number which I called on Monday... Wednesday (they said the person in charge would call back, but didn't) and today (surprise surprise, they haven't.)

The reason why I've stepped up my game with contacting them is because I found out on another website that someone else got an interview last week, which completely set me off.

I just want an answer, and somewhere to vent, because I'm literally staring at my phone waiting for the message, or the email. Just a sign or something. Well, I've booked myself on the next open day so if I've not heard something I'll be returning there. Not to have a go, but to be fresh in their memory.

I'm more annoyed because if I had known it would take this long I could have waited and added more information to my application. Now it feels outdated and not my full up to date record.

Thanks for reading, it's cathartic or painful at best!