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Next Steps after 'failed' Viva

I wanted to post a few links that may be helpful to others, too:

This one seems good, see links at bottom, too.

I wish I'd read this one well before the viva. I'm starting to wonder if I was naive about the process. Is it normal and expected that examiners can pull questions out of anywhere, asking nothing about the bulk of the work itself, and use that as the main criteria? What is your understanding of what is within the range of normal?

I'm still asking around and getting my ideas together. Thanks for reading.

Final countdown - 37 hours to viva!

Sounds like you've done all you can! Try to rest up and best of luck! (up)

Next Steps after 'failed' Viva

Thanks for the suggestions. Eyebright, best of luck to you, too. All you can do is your best and hope for the best. Try to get lots of feedback along the way-- I never did-- the most feedback I got on my work was from my examiners after the first viva.

Not surprisingly, I have not heard a word from my supervisors. I have truly been alone in this process the whole way. Sort of boggles the mind.

Like I said, at some point I'll write up the story and note where I wish I'd handled things differently and hopefully it will be helpful to others.

Next Steps after 'failed' Viva

Hi, everyone. I'm glad to find this forum. After 12 years (includes time off and mostly part-time study) and 2 vivas, my result last week was the offer of an MPhil instead of PhD. To say that I'm gutted is an understatement. I already have a master's and didn't work over a decade for another. After the first viva, I got major revisions (and lots of positive encouragement to go for it!) and second viva. I followed all of the revisions but they came up with new things that were apparently enough to refuse the PhD. It feels like a bait n' switch.

Without typing the the whole long sordid story (I will at some point since it could be helpful to future students), I'm looking for suggestions and resources on next steps.

1. Appeal. Seems like this is a long process stacked against the student. Seems like best outcome is a new viva with new examiners. Not sure if I'm up for a 3rd viva... Also seems like there is appeal through the university but also maybe through OIA? http://www.oiahe.org.uk/

2. A few people have suggested taking it to another university. Not sure if this is an option and how it would work, exactly. Also, would it mean not accepting the MPhil (is that even an option?)? Seems like it would not be right to get 2 different degrees from 2 different universities for essentially the same project.

3. Starting over completely with a new project at another university-- another long and expensive option.

4. Do nothing. Accept the MPhil and move on with life. OR reject the MPhil and move on with life. Part of me wants to erase the whole experience from my life.

5. Are there other options I should look into?

I am hoping to gather my thoughts and speak soon with my second (more attentive) supervisor to get his feedback.

I appreciate any suggestions or anecdotes. Thanks!