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I am 40 and need a Bachelors Degree….any suggestions?

I really feel that the fact that a mans promotion is counted on the stake of a degree considering his experience is a bit awkward but its all about the corporations rules as I might think .Not all companies have policies like these but a degree relates to your educational experience. Like you already suggested PU and Ashford are good but if you want more options I think that this link

will help you to make a better decision. (And considering the company reimbursement...That’s not an issue I feel cause you can get yourself better be it them or no).

Is there any good online MBA program?

As you are looking for online MBA degree, here's a good list of top online accredited universities that offer MBA degrees
Feel free to request information from two or more of those colleges to compare who has the best offering that suits your needs. I hope it will help you.