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Friday, 3 November 2017 at 12:32pm
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Thread: My Supervisor is a bullshitter whose career is based on hot air

03-Nov-17, 12:55
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posted about 11 months ago
Newbie here,

I haven't completed my first year of PhD yet and I am thinking to quit and find a job. Why? I have been in this lab 6 months as "Research assistant" in Biotechnology/molecular biology let's say, and after that I have started the PhD always with the same supervisor. It was just in the last couple of months that I have started to realize who my boss really is. A bullshitter!

When he talks, in his words he is the expert in everything, but the fact is he has no clue at the technical level of nearly anything about my or other PhDs students' projects he is "following".

Not only that, I could accept it, he is also a liar. I know that he published papers where he plainly lied. Saying that fir example 3 independent experiments have been done when in fact it was just one experiment!. In fact, this person literally jumps to conclusions immediately, whenever he sees an experiment that just slightly tells what he wants, then immediately that experiment is correct. When the experiment tells the opposite than he blames me!

When I try to convince him that maybe before screaming eureka and starting to write a paper with a "n=2" we need more experiments to confirm, he tells me off at lab meeting, belittling me in front of all the other components of the group, telling that I am always there trying to disprove other's people work, speaking like he is the expert when he literally doesn't know anything about the technique he is talking about!

Indeed, he has never published, and never will publish in a decent peer-reviewed journal but he is the first one to criticize other manuscripts belittling them! He is full of names on manuscripts (reviews, let me specify, not actual experimental work, because his experimental work is shit).

To all of this, let's add that I don't like this environment, I don't like academia and especially knowing that I have to stay in this group for 2 more years of madness with a crazy post-doc that licks his boots.
I prefer spending these 2 years in a real job getting paid with real money and not peanuts for 10-12 hours a day.

The problem is, if I quit my PhD, how do I justify my last year in the resume? also, how do I deal with my supervisor? he will get incredibly angry when he will find out I want to quit, and he will definitely throw shit on me if I add him in my CV references and somebody actually contacts him.

Has anybody ever quit a PhD in science because of the shitty boss/environment but also project that thanks to the aforementioned supervisor will never go anywhere?

I am worried if I will ever find a job (out of academia), how can I declare that I have learned some techniques and skills when I can't actually use my supervisor as a reference??

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