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Revise & Resubmit :(

Congratulations, umma08. Well done!!
hope you all the best in the future!

Is R&R experience a bomb for potential employer in academia?

Hi All,

I spend 6 years to finish my PhD (5 years +1 year Revise & Resubmit). yes I finally get it. But I feel bad about explaining this long journey to my potential employer, especially the year of R&R. I worry they would underestimate me for the job.

My situation:
First submission on Sep 2015, first viva on Jan 2016, R&R outcome. then I passed the second viva on May 2017.
I'm currently doing research based on my thesis with my supervisor and working on a paper for publication. But I was not offered a formal place in the department, not post doc or anything. So I'm literally unemployed.
I am now looking for a teaching fellowship in universities, because I hear that these jobs have lower requirements on publications and do not mind R&R experience. I am applying lectureship as well, but not very optimistic.
I am looking for job in industry as well. Again, because I hear industry people care less about the R&R experience if I'm skilled for the actual job.

My question:
Anybody could give me some advice about the way to present my R&R experience in 2016 on CV properly without lying? (I don't want to lie about my past)

My supervisor said I can always put "research assistant" for the time after first submission. I recently went for some interviews, which remind me a problem. Although being a "research assistant" since 2016, I can't explain my working hours and can not provide P45/P60 form to the potential new employer. Is it bad to say I'm doing volunteering research without getting paid? will this make them consider I am not skilled?

Is R&R the last thing you want to tell the university employer and the industry employer? Am I right to try to cover it? Or I'm over reacted it and need to face it?

Worried DocY