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Is a PhD with a 2:2 and a pass at Masters possible?

I completed my PhD in a psychology relevant year a few years ago at a top 25 university.

I obtained my PhD scholarship/studentships with a 2.2 in my psychology undergraduate degree and two psychology master degrees (both with merits and including a masters at UCL.

I've worked as a postdoctoral researcher in various universities (including UCL) and last week was interviewed for a lecturer in psychology position. I didn't get this post, but their considering me for another role in the department. I'm also due to qualify as a practitioner psychologist early next year.

I suspect I'm very much the exception, but I understand the difficulties faced by a candidate with a 2.2. It can be very soul destroying and disheartening to be faced with the 2.1 only barrier, regardless of considering postgraduate qualifications. Even now, there's some universities and courses that would reject me outright because of my 2.2, but fortunately, there are definitely other universities with a more flexible and inclusive attitude. I just wanted to reach out to the OP that it might be possible to secure competitive positions, but be prepared to think laterally, send out speculative emails and really sell your skills and relevant experience.

My 2.2 isn't so much a barrier anymore (especially given my PhD). I certainly never mention it if at all possible (I typically cite second class honours rather than a 2.2) but these sorts of discussions highlights it for me. For me, I almost feels like a sense of shame for my undergraduate degrees but I'm also quick to challenge this with all my postgraduate accomplishments.

Best of luck OP

PhD viva result: any different between major amendment and R&R

Universities vary considerably. I received a R&R verdict with no second viva. I think I paid a resubmission fee (I can't really remember), but it definitely wasn't a full years tuition fee.

I've Reached the Peak of PhD Stress: Waiting for my Result Post-Viva


I could have written your post a few years back :) My username was pineapple29/30
- September 2006, started PhD
- submitted PhD- September 2010
- delay with viva vice date
- viva date booked for 1st April 2011
- external examiner pulled out of viva examination two weeks before viva voce examination
- major stress!
- search for new external examiner

- PhD viva voce- June 2011- r&r verdict
- submission date of resubmitted thesis- August 2012.
- Major stressful wait
- 15th JANUARY 2013, finally received examiners verdict, awarded minor corrections
- April 2013, minor corrections approved
- July 2013, PhD graduation

- July 2013 started postdoctoral research fellow post

Eek, my nightmare PhD journey.

I completely feel your pain, you're definitely not alone :). Hang in there :)

Unemployed postdoc

Thanks everyone :)

Not sure ive got the strength to see that previous reference :(

Assuming everything goes well with the pre employment health and criminal checks (please no further problems!!) I'll start this position early next year. Instead of all the unreliable placements over last year, this position will enable me to fully complete my professional training :)


In the meantime, I'm trying to finish these piles of publications :) one accepted for publication, one r&r submit now these others to submit. Onwards :)

Unemployed postdoc

Hello :)

I'm pleased to say I was successful with the nhs psychologist position :) 2 year contract which leads to chartered psychologist status. Over the moon :)

Unemployed postdoc

Just obtained an interview invite for a postdoctoral research associate position at my local university!! Wow, amazing :)

Action stations with job prep for 2 postdoctoral positions next week.

Hoping and praying for a successful week next week

Unemployed postdoc

Thanks for the replies.

I haven't read the said reference, but from the phone call I received from the head of department who offered me the new full time research fellow position - it was a pretty bad reference and she had to withdraw the job offer. She didn't disclose what was said but she advised me to take action with it. No evidence of serious misconduct (no plagiarism, no harassment, no falsification of results, no harrassment, no sick leave etc) or anything of that nature. The professor who wrote this reference immediately left this university to work elsewhere, but it seems as if it was her intention to ruin things for me before I left :( I was (and still am ) in a bad/dark place and haven't got the strength to read the reference.

I've used other referees, applied to numerous jobs, but have yet to receive any interviews, with the exception of one minimum wage job,which I didn't get due to lack of experience.

I've already requested one intermission from professional doctoate and I'm not sure I'll be able to request a new one. I'm due to start again asap with my professional training , but without finances to pay for it, I may have to pull out.

On a more positive note, I have one interview for an nhs trainee position on the 8th of October which I'm preparing for. I have secured two voluntary placements working within my speciality which sound promising and would allow me to complete my professional doctorate. Two of my articles received a revise and resubmit verdict, so something positive perhaps.

I've decided to leave the house today and spend a few days with a very old friend and her family. Their extremely positive and supportive people and probably just what I need just before my interview.

I feel as if I've completely failed in life but it's taking all my energy to stay postive, which im finding very difficult at the moment :( very demoralising place to be :(

Unemployed postdoc

Hello forum,

Reaching out to a few fellow postgrads as feeling pretty low at the moment.

I'm 34, single and living with family as I can't afford to move out and live independently again.

After years of studying (BSc, MSc, msc, PGCert, phd) a near complete self funded professional doctorate (not a phd), nearly 12 years experience in psychologically relevant psychology graduate roles, Msc lecturing and a few postdoctoral jobs (research fellow etc) ive hit a brick wall.

Due to depression, things worked out rather poorly at my last research fellow job and I left shortly before my health deteriorated. I was offered another research fellow job at another university, but this job was withdrawn at the very last minute due to a bad reference from my then employer. This was back in December 2014 and I haven't managed to find a new job. In the meantime, in an effort to improve my mood, I visited Australia for nearly 2 months stayed with family and obtained a revise and resubmit verdict on two journal papers.

Now I'm feeling a little better, I'm continuously applying for research/lecturing jobs and looking into volunteering. I have an interview for a paid nhs role, a voluntary nhs role and a voluntary assistant psychologist position in a few weeks time. I may have to drop out of my current training as I can no longer afford the fees

I'm trying to stay positive but I'm finding things very difficult at the moment :( this afternoon, my dad is pushing for me to apply for Christmas sales assistant jobs. I've nothing against retail, but I feel utterly deflated and embarrassed that my life has turned out this way. At a young age, My parents always used to say I would end up as a checkout girl and I can't help but feel that their aspirations for me seem to be in motion?

Feeling very sad and demotivated :(

I would appreciate any advice