I've Reached the Peak of PhD Stress: Waiting for my Result Post-Viva


As per the title, I'm waiting for my PhD result after receiving an R&R verdict a year ago. To summarise how I'm currently feeling, I think the words impatient, anxious and borderline insane aptly sum my mood up.

As I'm sure everyone in this forum knows, embarking on a PhD is one hell of a journey. I've been looking back at my old posts from years ago where I was sat in the good old university library starting out on this turbulent journey. I've endured the stress of writing, re-writing and then re-writing some more. I've endured stress concerning the ineptness of both my supervisors. I've endured stress over my viva being a shambles. I've endured the stress of my university losing my viva report. I've endured the stress of a years worth of corrections to my thesis. I've endured the stress of editing, re-editing and resubmitting. But this stress of waiting for my (perhaps) final result....I CAN NO LONGER TAKE IT PEOPLE!!

I resubmitted my thesis 9 weeks ago (November 2015). My supervisor expected a two week turn around...I think not. I got told that my result would probably be with me this week. Well, tomorrow's Friday and I've heard absolutely nothing.

My result could be anything from a pass, to minor corrections, to a re-viva...even a downgrade to an MPhil. I've got a temporary lecturing contract coming to an end soon and I desperately need this PhD. I've worked so hard and dedicated five long years of my life to it. I'm terrified that after all this hard work...it still won't be mine. The possibility of actually receiving an email tomorrow saying "congratulations, we recommend to the board that you be awarded your doctorate"...I just don't see it happening. My journey just ain't been like that.

So that's it. Just needed to rant. Is anyone else with me in the struggle?!


Fingers crossed you get positive news soon - I am familiar with your story from your posts and really hoping for good news for you!



I could have written your post a few years back :) My username was pineapple29/30
- September 2006, started PhD
- submitted PhD- September 2010
- delay with viva vice date
- viva date booked for 1st April 2011
- external examiner pulled out of viva examination two weeks before viva voce examination
- major stress!
- search for new external examiner

- PhD viva voce- June 2011- r&r verdict
- submission date of resubmitted thesis- August 2012.
- Major stressful wait
- 15th JANUARY 2013, finally received examiners verdict, awarded minor corrections
- April 2013, minor corrections approved
- July 2013, PhD graduation

- July 2013 started postdoctoral research fellow post

Eek, my nightmare PhD journey.

I completely feel your pain, you're definitely not alone :). Hang in there :)


Oh no love you're not alone, as the great David Bowie put it. Argh, I get so angry for you, Anz, when I see this is still going on. Bloody heck. I can do nothing but wish you positive energy and urge you to take care of yourself. I guess just try and do all the right things - socialise, exercise, eat right - as that can only help. You have mental resilience and tenacity that few others have, you know. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I have everything crossed for you still. And DrPurplePineapple is living proof that this kind of protracted ending doesn't mean you can't go on to bigger and better things. You know my story - not as drawn out but shitty all the same. Personally I can say it made me even stronger and I learned a lot. I'd still prefer it hadn't happened but I learned to value my life more, the people in my life, and just started living more and not getting stressed about work. I opted out of the game and into a 9-5 where I am very happy but I keep my foot in the door as an independent scholar and that suits me. The rotten experience gave me a rebirth in a way. I hope there's some positives in your experience somewhere. Wishing you great news very soon. Take care :-)
Edit: Anz, I just wanted to reiterate more forcefully that I am so angry that this is allowed to happen in the 21st century. It is just not on - who do these people think they are toying with someone's life in this way? The system needs changing to a more moderated form of examination. It's not right to continue putting such power in the hands of one person.


I felt exactly the same when I was waiting for the outcome of my major corrections - the journey had been so bumpy and crazy (six years!) that I was sure it couldn't possibly end well. I was 100% sure that there would be no congratulations email, that just wasn't my story. So I completely sympathise and agree that it's horrendous that they are taking so long to get back to you. That said, I DID get my congratulations email in the end and I believe the huge majority of people who actually resubmit after an R&R get their PhD; failure is far more likely where students give up after R&R and don't resubmit. So hang in there. It is much much more likely than not to be good news (at worst a few additional minor corrections) and the universe owes you that "congratulations, Dr" email. It will come.


Can't say how relieved I am to discover I am not alone. Submitted my thesis on 13th June and have not yet heard a dicky bird. I have been warned that it could take some time. Like anz07, I too have spent an additional year on my thesis rewriting post viva. The viva was truly one of the most awful experiences of my life thus far. I have worked bloody hard to address ALL the revisions the external examiner demanded (the internal examiner was happy with it as it stood) and now I am in limbo. Basically, I want to know if I am a Dr or not. I have tried distracting myself with all manner of things, but nothing seems to work. Best way to describe my current mind-set is - to use some key words - Bored. Twitchy. Stressed. Depressed. Anxious. Lethargic. Basically, I just don't know quite what to do with myself. HELP!!!!!!!!!