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PhD the movie!
Anyone with two PhDs?

yes, this person did Doctors degree in Japan (PhD equivalent) and currently doing PhD in Management in UK..


To all Oct 2011 PhD students

I started mine this week..I had to do Uni registration etc..

I already "touched" the base and meet new people including my supervisor. The people seem nice and hardworking. Somehow excited to fully improved my research proposal soon.

goodluck to us!


The Happy Thread

I just got my PhD Studentship Offer! (gift)

It made me tremble a bit haha!

PhD life is not very alien to me (I did a similar degree before), I know the roller coaster ride a bit but I want to enjoy THE ride this time!

As one of our posters here suggested: life is short, love life, love phd can be possible!

I hope to share PhD happy moments from time to time;-)

Happy weekend8-)

The Happy Thread

Hi all.

We have a lot of thread/posts here dealing with "not-very-happy" moments in the PhD life. We understand that many PHDers need that, to at least solicit support from anybody in the forum. However, I thought our forum can also be very valuable if we share the happy moments of PhD/Post-doc life. Being Up, positive, optimistic and happy will surely give hope, inspiration and light in our day!

It will be very exciting to know the happy phases/stories you have. Please start posting!


To stay or go?

whether you get the lecturing job or not is not a question at this point. I guess what you have to consider is which of the two can be more sustainable (esp. benefits) and fulfilling?

Perhaps you can expound more on your post, i.e. details of current job and the lecturing option


studentship workload

Hi all. I am still applying for a Phd, I wonder about the workload given to PhD students receiving a "studentship" grant. Particularly in the social sciences/business area.

In some uni that I found here they advertise that successful student getting studentships (with fee and stipend) will have "teaching duties up to 5 hours a week in term time".

What does that exactly mean?

Also, will the workload matter whether you are an overseas student or not?

Any sharing is greatly appreciated.