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esrc priority areas

here's the info re. priority areas:

"The scheme is open to all disciplines. However during 2008 ESRC is specifically encouraging applications in a number of disciplines identified as having particular capacity building difficulties. These are Economics, Education, Management and Business Studies, Advanced Quantitative Methods, Social Work, and Socio-Legal Studies."

it's taken from this site:


and thanks zelda for mentioning your friend - so there is hope!


esrc priority areas

I was thinking of applying for phd post doc funding - my topic doesn't exactly fit their priority areas this year (economics, social work among others). Does 'priority area' mean that you *only* get funding in those areas - or that you stand a better chance if you do, but other areas are also considered? - any comments on this or just what to do after a phd in general would be gratefully received!

looking for a post doc

I'm just finishing up my phd (gender and development) and am thinking of applying for ESRC postdoc funding - does anyone have any tips on finding a mentor? i.e. what's the best way to approach people, is it better to get someone high up in the ranking, or should an equivalent of 'supervisory match' be priority? Does it matter if you're not exactly in one of their priority areas (this year its economics)? Are there other bodies that offer postdoc funding?

I'd be grateful to hear any thoughts or experiences that anyone might have - many thanks!