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Looking for a paper
Can anyone access this article for me please?
Attend Graduation?

I went! I did not know anyone but my two supervisors.
I traveled from Greece with my parents and we had a great time.
I also attended my graduation at both my master degrees.
I like these ceremonies, eventhough i don't like ceremonies in general

My abusive supervisor has conflict of interest with my publication at the last minute. Help!

I can see your point, but don't you think that the style of a title is also important?
Also, why would you second supervisor support his suggestion, if it isn't a reasonable one?

Could it be that you are prejudiced against him because of what he has done and now you believe that all his suggestions ate wrong?
Also, as ToL has said, I don't see the conflict of intetest either

My abusive supervisor has conflict of interest with my publication at the last minute. Help!

What do the other writers say?
I think that if both your supervisors suggest that the title should be changed, maybe it should. Forgive me if I am wrong, but your second supervisor is hlepful and you get along well with her. So, what reason would she have to force you into doing something bad?

Anyone met their examiners before viva?

At my uni we were not allowed to have any form of communication with the examiners until after the award was finalised.
And when I had some questions regarding my minor questions, my supervisor contected them and then got back to me with their tesponses

PhD in distance learning?

I was a PT and DL student, but it is not written on my certificate. It was not written on the confirmation letter either.
If I were you, I would ask about whether it would be on the certificate, eventhough I don't think it matters

Paper Request

If you don't need it right now, and you can wait until the evening, I think I can access it.

PM me your email

Examiner Disagreement

Massive congratulations! You desrve it!
Celebrate a lot!!!!! You, also, deserve it!!!!!

Paper help


Paper help

Good morning!!!

Anyone with access to this?

Can anyone obtain the following paper for me?

I have it! PM me your email

First year of PhD. Full time job and part time PhD student!! Please help. Writers block since June!!

Quote From Maria212:
@enmaki - Wow..!!!!! I'm really impressed! I work 8 hours a day so wouldn't be able to fit 6 hours of phd everyday, maximum is 3 hours hence why I work on the weekends. Do you have any tips.?

So you invest 30 hours a week, howe did you approach your literature review.? How many books did you read every week.?

I have only one tip: Make a schedule and stick to it!!!! Make yourself "able" to study!

I can't tell you how many books I read every week, as 1) I am not that organised to read something from the beginning to very end, rather I always read from several books and papers at (almost) the same time, and 2) Quality is better than quantity!

Low ranked university, but fully funded and great supervisor

I was at a low-ranked university, PT, self-funded student. I chose that uni because it was easier to access it (I work and live abroad) and because I liked the supervisors when I had my interview.
During my studies, they were enthusiastic, helpful and supportive. During my studies and with my sups help I managed to build a good cv with many presentations at international conferences and a few papers at journals.
I passed my viva with (very) minor corrections, and now (less than 6 months later) I have secured an academic position at a good uni in my country,
So, in a nutshell, my experience was not negative at all.

First year of PhD. Full time job and part time PhD student!! Please help. Writers block since June!!

I did my PhD part time, while working Ful time in another country. On top of these, my thesis is written in English which isnot my native language.
You need to have a programme in your life and you need to be strickt with it.
I used to work for 6 hours every day, then 1 hour break for lunch, then 3 hours of PhD work, 1 hour at the gym, 1 hour break, and then 2-3 hours PhD work again. I almost never worked on the weekends.
I did it! So can you!