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Hi folks! Hope everyone's study is going well!

I'm in the midst of a qualitative research project, and have hours of audio files to transcribe. I have been warned that each hour of interviews will take about 5-6 hours to transcribe.

I wonder if anyone has a audio file to text software to recommend? Preferably freeware? ,-)

I am not too worried if there is some compromise of accuracy since i will be checking the quality myself.
Hope to find something that will save me hours of pain (that can be spent on other painful activities :-))

Cheerio and thanks in advance!


hmm audio to text software is useful to transcribe the audio or video files normally but through which i cant get the required precession, quality and accuracy so i switch over the transcription service companies.

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The Mp3 format is as popular, non fussy and widely used as Google. And just like Google everybody wants a slice of its pie. With a million formats available it is one happy jumble and it is the humble MP3 that keeps the house in order. Being compatible with all players and the high compression it offers, has made everybody who is anybody an avid fan of Mp3.

Koyote free Mp3 WMA converter: We don’t blame you if you haven’t heard of this one. But this teeny weenie freeware can convert all major audio formats and you can convert your ogg, aac, wma files into Mp3 without a fuss here.
Free Mp3 WMA converter: Is another popular converter and is as plain and no nonsense as its name. It has a dedicated fan following due to the simplicity and user friendliness it offers much like the Mp3 format!
visit- and


If your audio quality is excellent, you can use the software for audio transcription.
If your audio files quality is OK or verbatim audio better to go for manual audio transcription. For multiple speakers audio files, better to go for manual audio transcription.


Dragon is useful but you need to spend a bit of time training it to recognise your voice, so it doesn't work so well in an interview when there is another voice besides your own. One way to get around this (I have never tried, but was suggested to me) would be to play back each interview on your headphones while recording yourself repeating the interviews onto a fresh mp3. Then when you play the repeated interview to Dragon, it recognises all speech because it is all in your voice. Sounds like a lot of work, but might save on RSI if you have a lot of long interviews.


Hey Ruffle! Edgar is absolutely right. I have also used this service for my plenty of interviews. It is really great and cost effective as well.


Have you heard of ScribeOn? It's an audiotranscription service that helps transcribe your audio file to text at a very affordable price. I am very satisfied with their service and the people there are very accommodating. You should give them a try if you want.

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If you search for Transcription software on Google you will get a list of software powered by market professionals like:

1. Express Scribe
2. EureScribe
3. InqScribe

If you still getting any issues in using these software, then you can hire a transcribe(e.g to ease your work.



ExpressScribe will be a good transcription software for audio to text. There are many other like Dragon Dictation or you may go with the ipad app. That is also a good option. Have a look to this I just found recently I think they will suggest you even better.

Yes, ruffles Express Scribe is really good software to transcribe audio to text. and I think generally many people are using LightScribe free software for transcribe files.


I understand that you are willing to edit the transcribed content however instead of taking all that trouble of first using the software and then manually editing, it is just so very convenient to get your audio files transcribed manually, to a reliable service provider like



There is a video tutorial how to convert audio to text using speech to text service.

Video link:


Good day to all.

I have the same problem a week ago and also ask help in some forums. I also tried almost all of the suggestions here.

Thanks Edgar and Tanvi for recommending , it really worked great for my audio files. I'm satisfied using it up to now. Thanks also for the tips here and for this forum. Hope you also find what suits you all.

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Edgar, when you say 'glad to seeing you all once again,' do you mean, glad to be be able to advertise your software for as you have been doing in every single one of your posts over the last five years?


They rebranding to Definitely worth to use it, they offer special discount for universities and colleges.
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