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audio to text transcription software

They rebranding to gotranscript.com. Definitely worth to use it, they offer special discount for universities and colleges.
Check it:

Transcription software

Imagine words like - Whole or hole, dear or deer, night or knight? Automatic transcription services would definitely recognize these words. Audio transcription software is anything but friendly to homophones. On top of that, it is sort of antisocial: no multiple speakers and no foreign accents..

My suggestion is use one of transcription services like gotranscript. They offer special discount for colleges and universities.

What's the best speech transcription software or services I can use to transcribe an interview?

I don't mind paying money. I need to get 200+ hours of interviews transcribed, but I don't want to do it myself. I want to use a software or services, but I want to use one that's reliable.