audio to text transcription software


I came across this thread on Quora and figured readers here might be interested so I registered and posted -


Excuse me dudes, this seems to be the only thread I can find about audio conversion. Recently i have a related question, can some one answer? I want to convert XM to MP3 with this XM converter as you can see "[

]". It claims that it is capable of reducing audio size. But I have no idea why, after conversion to mp3, the XM file gets bigger size while the audio quality does not get better.. Is MP3 worse than XM?


Here is mp3 to text converter Have you used it? What is your type of audio? As I know, there are many variants of audio formats which you can use for converting to text.


Hey. I need 3 interviews to be transcribed for my final work. I would do it by myself, but currently I have two jobs and cannot find time for anything else. Sadly, most of the automatic transcription softwares are only in English and I am studying in a Lithuanian university. I see somebody here recommended the services. Does anybody else tried using it? Just wondering it's worth the money. Thank you.


I am in the midst of a qualitative research project, and have hours of audio files to transcribe.
I have been warned that each hour of interviews will take about 5-6 hours to transcribe.

I wonder if anyone has a audio file to text software to recommend? Preferably freeware?

I am not too worried if there is some compromise of accuracy since i will be checking the quality myself.
Hope to find something that will save me hours of pain (that can be spent on other painful activities.