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How to convert audio to text?

Hi guys!
Here is a link https://audext.com/ where you can find different ways of audio converting to text. it's really easy and free. That's why I decided to share it with you. I hope it can help you to make the speech information.

How do you convert word file to a PDF?

Here is a link https://audext.com/audio-transcription-software/ where you can convert audio files to text free. Also you can find there many other formats of audio for converting to text. I transcribe 60-min-speech just in 8-10 minutes.

What methods do you use for taking notes?

Do you mean how to write notes quickly? I can recommend recording the speech of your tutor during the lecture and then converting with the special mp3 to text converter https://audext.com/mp3-to-text/ It's a good way to save your time and get all useful information from the lecture.

Do you listen to music while writing an essay?

I do not like listening to music when working...

audio to text transcription software

Here is mp3 to text converter https://audext.com/mp3-to-text/ Have you used it? What is your type of audio? As I know, there are many variants of audio formats which you can use for converting to text.

How can i find any proofreading job after university?

Thanks for advices