what is your view on "Mst" programs with Cambridge?


Hi everyone, currently I am doing my MBA with Middlesex University and thought of wanting to enroll into a Russell's Group university upon completion of my current MBA program. The closest program I could relate of is the "MSt in Sustainability Leadership" from University of Cambridge.

The program itself seems very less being spoken amongst other courses available on other forums like this.

I wanted to hear if there is anyone have any personal opinions in regards about "MSt", how prestigious are they in terms among the Masters Level group.

Thank you


As already said several times in the forum, chasing the fancy programmes in prestigious university does not look like a good research/study target. Having an MBA is already something and you might look overqualified in some jobs. Looking for another degree and paying such huge money just for the sake of prestige or a good looking CV does not seem right.

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I agree with eng77, solely chasing prestige is the wrong approach and the quality of the course matters more. Saying that a degree from Cambridge is a degree from Cambridge. I have never heard of an Mst degree before but looks to be just another way of saying "masters degree" which everyone knows.


MSt is Oxbridge speak for taught masters, as MA has a special meaning at those institutions.