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what is your view on "Mst" programs with Cambridge?

Hi everyone, currently I am doing my MBA with Middlesex University and thought of wanting to enroll into a Russell's Group university upon completion of my current MBA program. The closest program I could relate of is the "MSt in Sustainability Leadership" from University of Cambridge.

The program itself seems very less being spoken amongst other courses available on other forums like this.

I wanted to hear if there is anyone have any personal opinions in regards about "MSt", how prestigious are they in terms among the Masters Level group.

Thank you

LLM after MBA, anyone?

I am a Master Mariner from New Zealand with 15 years of work experience in maritime field, soon graduating with MBA in Shipping & Logistics from UK Middlesex University.

I am interested to pursue LLM in Maritime Law with University of London after this MBA.

It is uncommon among those that I've spoken with of anyone having both MBA and LLM within its industry.

From my thinking it would have more advantages for climbing the corporate ladder in latter stage by having a management qualification MBA combined with a legal LLM qualification within the maritime industry.

is there anyone that you knew did that before?
whats the outcome? highly recommend or a waste of effort and time?

University of London Postgraduate LLM, anyone?

I saw University of London is offering online based LLM program with only 9500 GBP.
Is there anyone out done it before? Whats the outcome?