psychology degree, what to do next


I am currently studying a psychology degree, however I am not sure what to do next?, I don't particularly want to become a psychologist such as clinical psychologist etc as I don't want to be in university for much longer, what are my options?


Do you want to do something that uses what you have learned in your degree or not? Do you want to study further? Or do you just want to go out into the world of work?

If the last one, then there are many options where a specific degree isn't necessary.


I wouldn't mind studying further, but only for another year or so, I'm not really sure what careers im qualified to do with just a degree in psychology either.


Although not a careers guidance counsellor, I think you could consider graduate recruitment schemes (Aldi springs to mind - they recruit all year round). If you did decide to stop on another year at uni, you most likely be doing a Masters and, given the lack of funding, you'd most likely have to pay for it.
I'd pay the Prospects website a visit. They have lots of degree subject-specific career suggestions and free psychometric tests that you can use to help you decide on what career you may be suited to. It's good that you're thinking about these things early because, hopefully, you can narrow down what you want to do and start applying in plenty of time.

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the statistics fast stream (civil service i.e. ONS) is open NOW for the next week or so - it closes very quickly so I'd urge you to apply very soon if you're interested.

Try the website - the one linked to BPS (although you need to be a member or find a member who will let you look)


Hey Elaine- do you actually want to stay in psychology at all or are you thinking about something completely different? KB


You could do a PGCE and go into teaching


Does your uni have careers advice service? I pend quite a lot of time there in my final year (psychology) as I wan' sure what I wanted to do next. Mine offered 30 min talks on all sorts of careers, which gave an opportunity to ask questions and find out more.

Some of the talks I went to were:
Working in a charitable organisation
NHS management
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Civil service fast stream
Working in media/PR
Teaching English Abroad
Postgraduate Medicine

Probably some other talks I've forgotton as I know I went to a lot of talks!

Anyway maybe think about what aspects of degree you like. If I could go back I'd possible do a medical statistics masters because I actually like the data analysis part of research best. Not really a career option if you hate stats mind!


I completed my degree in Psy in 1980 in over 30 years of working I've worked for Health, Education, Social Services, charities and private industry. Perhaps you need to think about who you want to work for organisation wise, then who you want to help as an end user of your knowledge, then how much a good salary means to you, finally where you want to live. The other issue is getting a professional qualification.