Someone has referenced my PhD Thesis!


Should I feel happy? Proud? Elated?

I'm currently having more of a "WTF?!" moment.

How did you feel if you had the same thing happen to you?


Be proud! I was really chuffed when my first paper (derived from my PhD, and published during it) was referenced by someone else.


Quote From DanB:

Should I feel happy? Proud? Elated?

Yes! Well done (up)

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Well done!! That's awesome! you should feel all of the above! :) (up)

it's also nice to hear a positive success story! good luck with everything else

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well done! I published my MSc dissertation and recently found it was cited by someone :-) problem is, its in a 2011 journal and I can't see why/how they've cited it - they could have slated it for all I know, so holding back judgement :$


That's great Dan! I think you should feel all three!


That's fantastic news! Well done!

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It's a nice feeling when this first happens!!!

It will happen alot more as the Ethos website and the various Open Repository websites develop. It's a good thing that all this information that once gathered dust is actually accessible.

The one caution I'd make is over plagerism and copyright protection. I would have at least the key parts of your research published to journal too under your name as at least one of the authors. Journals are still far better for active distribution of published data, whilst theses still just sit there waiting to be found.


WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! I'd swing from the chandeliers and break out the bubbly if that happened to me! It must be a truly amazing feeling. WELL DONE! It means that all that hard work actually MEANT something to someone else. And isn't that what it's all about?(up)