58 minutes and counting


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I have my viva in under an hour.

I feel sick.

I think I might cry.

Edit: I no longer want to be sick or cry. I passed... full details are in one of my replies below! Thanks everyone!! 8-)


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Sending you out very positive vibes!!!(up)

If you've got to this stage, YOU KNOW your stuff. Now is the opportunity to show your knowledge. Try to enjoy it and I hope you'll find that this waiting is the most difficult part!

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wow, you'll be fine. Good luck!! Although I'm sure you'll walk it. (up)(up)(up)

Just picture yourself in the beer garden afterwards.


Good luck, Jinkim65. Try not to be too nervous. Here's something to motivate you; it's very inspirational: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2c5j01Z6yY


Good luck! Here, have this (sprout).

When the time comes, you will know how to use it.


You'll be great jinkim, I'm rooting for you! :-)


Oh Jinkim, I'm sure you'll ace it. You've worked hard so now just take a deep breath, go in there and get the proper reward for all that work. You'll be fine! (up)


Good luck, good luck, good luck - just do your best! You can do it!(up)


Probably too late now for you but Bach Rescue Remedy is great for this sort of situaiton - (and it's now available in pastilles)

Fingers crossed for you


I have a feeling that that moment may be the scariest hour of my life so far. Hope all went well. I've been putting off thoughts of my viva for the last 2 1/2 year but am going to have to face it soon.

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wow, jinkim is probably in her viva still! I get a nervous feeling just reading threads like this, I don't want to know how I'm going to feel for my actual viva.


Hope it's going/gone well Jinkim, thinking of you


...I wonder how it's gone then...? I hope the external was a nice one, who was easily awed.


This waiting is murder.... thinking of you Jinkim - it must be over by now, maybe you're stuck in the SU bar celebrating? I too cannot imagine how i will feel with less than an hour to go til the viva - I don't want to imagine it actually


I can remember exactly how I felt with under an hour to go to my viva, and Jinkim's post summed it up very well.

Hope things are going ok.