A question for people who had to do major rewrite or resubmit?


How long did it take you to do it? I took a few months off from my corrections and have no motivation to get back into them :'(


Hi Lilbobeep

I'm unable to answer your question, not been in that position, but I wonder how you think anyone else could answer it either ?

It depends on how many changes you need to make and whether you know what to do to make those changes ?

If your question is about how to get motivated to do them, now that is a different question and there are some great posts on here about some sort of tomato method !  its all vegetables ( or is that fruit) to me ... but Sneaks, Bilbo and lots of others give tips about breaking work down to goals, maybe starting with listing your main pieces of work then focusing on small wins to keep you going. Why not set up your own thread and posting what you plan to do for the day and then we can all follow and chip in as and when.

I wish you all the best.  Chuff


Hi Lilbobeep, my first viva was cancelled as my thesis was 'so unsatisfactory'. After three years I went back to it. Started re-writting on the 21 April and send it, completely re-written (with about three paragraphs not re-written) to my sup on the 22 July. it went back and forth a few times but it was submitted in the October. So a short answer is 12 weeks (and I was working FT). But as Chuff says chunk it down, I had a massive list, with timings so however much time (from 10 mins to 10 hours) I had I knew there was something to do. It is so worth it in the end, and one really good thing is you know exactly what your examiners want (because of the major re-write, including changing my philosophical slant, my examiners changed so I had no idea as I entered the viva what would happen, it could have been another re-write). Go for it, and keep us posted!


Wowee TT. 

That is so impressive, three years out to come back to it.. and just 12 weeks.. and working full time too. 

Fantastic, just shows what you can do when you really want to 8-)




Respect TT.

just what i need to hear!

long time Chuff!