Accountability Partners - Write your Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day


good plan lara, dont be worrying about not having it exactly done, understanding it better is so so much more helpful.

Push through it...Im half watching 10 years younger naughty me but after Im done Im going to be having a curly wurly!!!



does the book say not to have dogs, or not to have pugs?
I think dogs are a must when you do a PhD!!! But then I think they are a must no matter what you are doing.


thanks dawn, you're so right, understanding is more important

i finally finished the last section of the results section of aim 1. lol took the whole day.

i am gonna take a break now, and then start again in an hour or so.
i used to love curly wurlys lol. i do that sometimes, have tv on in the background when i am really getting bored with something in my thesis that doesnt require much concentration.

olivia - LOL!

my brother's friend has the cutest shitzu they are so adorable like little dog teddy bear toys. so loveable and affectionate, you cant help but love them :) i was never a dog person, till i met those babies. i missed them so much after i came back home, from spending the weekend with them.

i love how dogs are unconditionally loyal. and give unconditional love. ahh bless.


I am not quite finished my respectable draft - there are a few more holes to plug yet. However, I've never been one for all-nighters, so I will be back at work early in the morning, with the aim of getting it printed and to the supervisors by the end of the day.

I have updated my thesis plan as well though - and realised that I'm actually sticking to it!

Go go Lara and everyone else who is working so hard. I'll report back when I've got the thing in for them to start ripping apart! But at least I'll have a draft and red-pen filled manuscripts to work through!


Hello all!

Well I have finished for the night, completed today I have:

1)written approx 3,000 words 5pages of my freewriting for my conference paper and i feel so much happier with it
2)written another 2,000 words on my second chapter, freewriting but I got loads of ideas generated and I feel much better.

Also on a rather side note I went to my slimming meeting today and I have lost 7 pounds wooo
its been a good day! Keep it up ladies and gents im gonna go eay curly wurly on my cross trainer lol


Hi All - time for Day 2 Report!

Today I did finish my goals - which included 2 field note write ups and a 15 minute focused writing on MT arrivals. Yay!

Seems like we are all doing pretty well with our goals today.

I'm curious - two different strategies mentioned in the JB book is timing your writing periods (e.g. 15 minutes of free writing) versus the this many pages methods. I agree with her that the page method is probably better, in so far as you are rewarded for getting through it as quickly as possible. I have found, however, that I can write fast and focused if I know I only have to sustain it for short blocks of time.

What do you all think? One strategy over another? See you in the morning for tomorrow's check in!



Hi Everybody. Well down you guys for achieving what you aimed to do. I am clock in today as my timezone is 7 hours fast than most of yours. There will be some interruptions as I have to go for a lunch birthday (my future supervisor)party. But still I am aiming to refine the first section (2000 words) of my draft and preferably I can push to the second section as well. There are total 5 main section in my chapter.

I would prefer going for many pages method, but sometimes I will make me feel extra pressured especially I am stuck. At this time, I think maybe better to switch to timing method so that I won't feel that I am going to sit through it forever. So, yes. I guess for me, it all depends on how comfortable with the part I am writing. I switch with the methods so eventually I can push through it.


Thanks for the links, Lara. I am going to send out my madman today and will report later how he behaves.


Hey guys, seems that everyone is busy working and managing to get a lot done!

Lara- thanks for your comments. I think sometimes I do expect to much of myself in terms of what I can get done in a day. The book sounds good am, definatly going to invest in it- my biggest fear is writing I am just so crap at it!

Anthropologa- well done on finishing your aims for the day!

Zylynne- good luck with refining your draft and have fun at lunch!

Olivia- it’s nice to have you back here and in the other forum! I have missed your random posts that make me laugh!


It's 9:17 here in London, and am checking in for the day! I tend to stick to 9-5 with my working, and try and do some reading in the evenings and weekends at home.
Today's Aims:

1. Finish some analyses for a consultancy project that I have been working on. The data set is on electrographic seizures in children, but I have no idea what it means, as I am just a humble statistician.
2. Brainstorming for 0 drafts of introduction chapter.
3. Read and make nots on some papers I have already read but didn't make notes on at the time. Going to do this in the library at about 1:30.
Hope everyone has a good day today, will check back in later this afternoon!


WOW you guys are doing fantastic! go A team!!!

I am so utterly impressed. well done all of you.

this is just a quick message, as i have to get started early today. but will respond to you all in awhile during my "break".

confession time for yesterday:
i only met aim number 1. i finished the results section.
i took a nap at 11pm, i was so tired, but didnt get up to do the discussion section. which i am going to do now for the next hour or so.
and then start work on chapter 4.

my aims today:

1. discussion: chapter 3.
2. results : chapter 4
3. discussion: chapter 4.

good luck everyone!


Yes, we are collectively getting a lot done! But the most important thing is that we are being consistent!

My Day 3 Goals:

One Section of the NSF Write up Reporting Reqs
Two Field Note Entries
15 Min Focused Writing on Conference Paper
Organize at least 3 Participant Files

zylynn: thanks for your thought on this - its something I really struggle with. I think I will also try the page approach to get a more balanced way of doing things.

As far as the time issue goes - I also wanted to pass on a handy tip I just found. If anyone uses a mac, there is a widget called the "meditation timer" you can download from the Apple site for free. You can enter any time, and it sounds these great chimes/bells at start and finish. I like it because my computer doesn't need to be connected to internet to use - and sometimes I really have to disconnect myself to focus.

Everyone - good luck with your goals for today, and we'll be checking up on each other this evening!


Hellooo, checking in again.

Ok so I had a really bad day today and didn't manage to get any of my aims done today I started work on the analysis, but the dataset is so messy that it took me ages to do anything. And then the computer just didn't like the analyses that I was running, so will have to try and get my supervisor for half an hour for some help. What dosn't help is that the person whose data it is has emailed me today asking when I will have it finished!

Starting to have a major panic-up about the presentation I am giving tomorrow. So I finished the slides this afternoon and did a little bit of research on bits that I wasn't clear about. My supervisor then came by and suggests some slides to put in and also informed me that he has invited 3 other people to the talk. Am a bit worried about it but am gonna have a practise tonight on my boyfriend!


So the other bits will have to wait till friday, but I have found that I have really upped my concentration and my work rate!

Anthropologa- I have a macbook so will download the timer- it sounds good and just what I need!!

Hope everyone has a good evening and will report in tomorrow!


Hey Guys, while you are all probably busy working, I have to clock out as it is mid-night here in Hong Kong.
-SillyBilly, I think it is a good idea to keep 9-5 working schedule so that it gives you time to enjoy life other than academic work, do you find it is hard to keep that way? I guess it takes quite a discipline.
-Anthropologa, after giving you my answer to your question, I realized that I had been given myself excuses not to use page methods because it sounds to hard a goal to achieve. I think sticking with the page methods will give me no choice but sitting there and typing. It seems more about commitment here. You are right! Let me try out to just stick with the page method.

Good luck everyone on your new goals today!