advice re finding phd and applying



can anyone give me some advice on the overall process of finding a phd and applying?

after 3 years hard thought i have concluded that a phd is for me. i've identified subject areas for which I have a passionate interest (within vet sci and zoology) and am wondering about my next steps. can i find a supervisor by finding someone who is already researching a subject i've chosen and approach them directly or should i wait for a phd to be advertised? do phds traditionally start in october and if so have i missed entry for this year?

many thanks


Have a look here:


New research projects are added on a daily basis on FindAPhD so you haven't necessarily missed out.

Have a look -



phds traditionally start in october as it is easier for supervisors to coordinate everything starting at the same time, and you can start going to lectures, courses etc right from the beginning. having said that, my phd started in july so it is not set in stone! some supervisors may be happy for you to start at any point during the year (i have seen a few january starts advertised), i think it all depends on the individual uni/supervisor/department. so you have definitely missed the oct start for this year, but you don't necessarily have to wait til next oct to get started. good luck!


Hey hey I agree with smoobles, I found my project in November, applied in December, interviewed in Febrary and started in April, so don't worry about this years starters, just keep looking and get yourself out there, good luck :-)






hi. iv just got my offer for january. i sent an email to the head of department about 5weeks ago, attended interview under 2 weeks ago and just go my offer. my experience -depends on the uni. some take oct starts. some jan and iv been told by one they take anytime! my research is in the humanities and i was told that if id done an important research management unit in my masters, id be exempt from doing it for my PhD so my start date would be flexible. hope that helps xx