I have ojne supervisor who is jetting round the world.
The other one who is ill and will only help me if i research what she wants.
A new advisor who wont help me until shes discussed with the above two (who arent free until late december) what her role will be in my PhD. Until then I am on my own. I know that after that I wil have to change everything ebcause they have decided to take their fingers out.

I know a phd is meant to be independent - but i just want some support and encouragement. My supervisor who is jettign round the world keeps sending me to conferences. I just want to be supervised!

Sorry for the rant.


Big hug.


I think you need to have a serious word with your supervisors at the lack of support you're getting


I wouldn't say no to being sent to conferences. My main supervisor is pretty busy too and is often busy or away for long periods of time. I find I just need to patient. However she will reply to email questions whenever she can.

It sounds like a big problem for you, I should definately try and arrange a formal meeting with either your main supervisor if not all of them and talk about your worries. Don't leave it until its too late, you will be the one to get the blame.


I was assertive and have a formal meeting arranged! The busy supervisor said that I shouldnt hesitate to email if i need anything


Am I on different plante? what about this: my thirld year all ready passing by in the ph.d programm. I have met with my supervisor to discuss science if I sum it altogether it will be not more than 5 hours.(I mean for the whole period of 3 years). and to make it worse 5 months ago he knew that he had a cancer. and I am alone working. he iscoming to his office but always not in a mode, and being in his office no one dare to suggest other supervision!



Big hug alla. Do you not have a postgrad tutor or director of research that you can speak to? How can they expect you to cope with that load of buzzcocks.


honestly I am on my own. no post doc or even other ph.d student in our lab. I am the only student of my supervisor. I have committee members who are helpful, but they are not that engaged in the lab. and really I found it so hard sometimes, but I have no time to regret or to start over!


Hi alia

Have you thought of flagging this up with your dept as Fifi suggested? Do you have a director of studies for research degrees who has overall responsibility for PhD students?



What about 2nd supervisors etc? I'd also speak to the head of postgraduate studies in your department and school/faculty etc


no I did not try to talk to the department head or any one else. my reasons are first, yes I might end up with other supervision but the new supervisor might try to shift my project in certain direction. I am already standing on my own and getting my results. second, in term of looking the future I need to get job may be with some people in the same department. I do not want them to remember that I am the one who has a lot of problem and dumped my sick supervisor. thirld, it is sensitive topic every one will hesitate to involved especially my supervisor is coming to the department. I decided just to keep going.