Aiming to finish off by 31st December! Is there anyone else?


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Huuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuu, am glad that your experiment worked :-) Well done! So things have gotten better for both of us!! I totally agree with your point below :-) Good luck with the rest of your experimental work and am sure everything is going to go well!!!

I am very refreshed after relaxing yesterday evening. It is 9 am here and I am going to go to work in a bit.

1. I am going to resubmit the simulations that crashed.
2. Write a section under methods of Study I chapter in my thesis.
3. Check the analytical calculations.

Have a nice day!

Quote From huhu:

Despite all the failures, the faster we know the wrong way of doing it, the sooner we can discover the right one...


Hi :-)

I continued with my experiments today and I have finished with the works on motor 2, but still need to perform some more experiments on motor 1 tomorrow morning. I am still not so sure how to write/ arrange the results/ findings so that they are significant enough :-(. Since my graduation depends on the journal publication and time is running out, I am desperately in need of papers. At least I have some results now and I'll just give it a try.

I'm going home and will treat myself with a nice caramel pudding. Nyum Nyum :p

Analytical calculations in Applied Physics are quite tedious/ complicated- I guess. Hope your writing is done, you'll discover many new things and everything turns out to be good in the end.

Have a nice day and weekend! :-):-)


Hi Huhu, well done for finishing your experiments!! Of course, you deserve the caramel pudding and perhaps much more ;-) I hope you had a nice week end. Good luck with your writing and am sure you will be able to write up an article!!

I managed to finish off my simulations and combined all the results yesterday. Still have to analyse and compare with my other calculations. I completed another analysis part today and sent the results to my secondary supervisor as he said he is going to help me with that. I have made a list of things I will have to do this week and hopefully I will be able to accomplish the tasks. I have got some papers to read at home. I'm going to have my dinner now and sit and do a bit of reading before I fall asleep :p Cheers!!


Hi all,

After restructuring/rewriting 2 analysis chapters, I feel drained for the two other chapters...looks like I am losing motivation again ! I have been working on the 3rd analysis chapter but finding hard deleting almost all what I have written so far and completely creating a new looks for it. Not matter what, I have been playing around the data and progressing slooooowly.


Hi all,
I think I’m going to tentatively join this group. I am hoping to submit before the end of the year, but I really wanted to have submitted by now, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up.
I’m doing my thesis by published articles. So I have 5 articles that form my research chapters, four of these are done, and one is just about to be sent off. My introduction, lit review and methods are all locked away. And I have linking chapters between the research sections to provide more context which are also basically done. I am currently working on my discussion/conclusion, and think I should have it in a good state in about 2 weeks. At the moment I’m not sure if my sups want to see the discussion alone, or if they want to see the thesis all together, so that will either be 2 weeks for discussion, and then a week for me to work on the comments, and then 6 weeks for them to look at the whole thesis again, or just 6 weeks to look at the whole thesis. They have read and commented on all of the chapters without the discussion.
I think this puts me in a position to submit in about 12-14 weeks, which means I should just scrape in before the end of the year.

All the best (tree)


Hi Swetcha - Don't worry about the pace, you are almost there and it is just matter of months really. YOU ARE NEARING THE FINISHING LINE :-) All the very best!! (up)

Hi Fm - Wow!! 4+1 articles already! That's very impressive :-) Good work and keep it up. All the very best for your Christmas submission! (snowman)(tree)

I do have time until the end of March to submit my thesis but I really want to submit it by the end of this year. I lost many of my calculations :( which I did couple of months back when the systems were upgraded recently. I have the results analysed but need to do some more of these calculations!! I'm totally upset after finding this out - I can actually manage to finish this off again by 3/4 days except it is a bit annoying to repeat this.

On the positive side, I had a very productive day today. I am trying to reset my biological clock as I haven't been sleeping much these days. Woke up early this morning ( 7.20 am which is early for me ;-)) and I also started the pomodoro technique (its pretty good) today - have done 15 tomatoes until now and going to do two/three more after going home (have two papers to read). I hope every thing will go well for all of us. Cheers girls/guys and good night!!


Thanks Cindrella for a positive note. Indeed, there is no way out other than think positive and keep on working :)


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Swetcha - Exactly, we need nothing but POSITIVE vibes :-) I'm sending you loads of them with (robin)

23.08.2011's entry:

1. I spent half of the day combining the results of five of my simulations and I still have to do reimport them and do the comparison which I am thinking about doing in a bit.
2. Did another analytical calculation and put things together for practical measurements which I will be doing on Thursday. I have been bothering my colleague a lot this week to help me :-( and I really feel bad for increasing her work load!! I wish I could do everything on my own :-( without being a pain for others.
3. Finished reading a journal article.
4. Printed out the table of contents of my thesis which I wrote down including the chapters, sections, subsections - My aim is to write at least 500 words everyday to begin with.
5. Officially, I have lost those calculations which I did few months back :( when they did an upgrade of the computers. So need to do them again which is very annoying at this point but I can manage to finish it off in a day or two. Looking forward for the long week end ;-)

P.S: I woke up early at 7.30 am this morning as well, hurrah!!!. I've been a nocturnal for the last six years - never went to bed before 3 am :-(


Hi Cindrella,

Thanks. That sounds are doing good. I had a sup meeting today for the 2nd analysis chapter. I got nice feedback on it. One of my sup said that I have matured (in terms of analysis) a lot from the last meeting which was a month back. From tomorrow, I am starting to restructure/rewrite next two chapters which are due in a month of time. I will be then be done with 5 analysis chapters !


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I'm sorry to hear/read about your calculations. Hope you can get/finish calculating them soon.
But, it seems that you have a lot of other work done:-). That's good.(up)

How I wish I could also wake up early in the morning too:p

I'm going to finish the paper writing today. It takes much longer than I thought/ planned:-s:-s. Then I'm going to give it to my supervisor to check although usually he doesn't give any feedback about my writing- he usually says "you can send this paper already" or "this is only for conference" without even checking &  returning the papers back to me (he must have lost them somewhere). At least I have done my part. And lastly I'm planning to read about method B for the 3rd part of my research-I have been delaying this for days because of the writing.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly/well with your work today. The same hope/prayer goes out to everyone in this forum. (up):-)


Ah.... I would like to join you all and aim at it...

I am in my 4th year PhD in a Business School. I am aim to submit my thesis by 31-Dec and defend it in the first quarter.....

Let us see how it goes.


Swetcha - Well done! You are doing great :-) I am glad to see that you are extremely positive now :-) Keep it up (up)

Huhu - Thanks. I am hoping to get my calculations redone this long week end! Wow!! Am happy to hear that you have completed writing up your article. Ya, I can understand how annoying it would be not to get any feedback from the supervisor. Do you have any one else to ask? A secondary supervisor or post-doc or a friend in the same field? I remember you mentioned that you don't have many people around? :-( I am sure the article is good as it is :-) . You have done a great job and good luck with your submission/next part of research (up)

Frnd4uall - Welcome to this thread :-) Business school....great!! Have you done all of your data collection and how is your writing up going on? Wish you luck and I hope all of us will be liberated in 2012 :p

25.08.2011's entry:

1. This morning, I did some preparatory work for an experimental measurement which I was supposed to do this evening but unfortunately I couldn't do it as some one had to use the equipment :-( but I did a dummy run to check if the set up is alright which was good.

2. Read quite couple of articles/presentations this morning which I am very happy about :-) Learn quite a lot of new things :-)

3. Completed my analysis and the results still seem to be inconsistent. Did some trouble shooting but couldn't figure out what's wrong yet.

4. I am calling it a day as I am totally knackered and have a head-ache, so gonna go home, cook, eat and rest for a bit and then read couple of papers before going to bed. I'm not gonna come back to my office tonight :-s

Tomorrow's plan:

1. Submit three new simulations (~2 hours).

2. Trouble shoot the previous results (infinite time :-().

3. Write a section of thesis (~2 hours)


Hi all, I am new to this forum - also have a submission date of this December. I am writing up my final chapter but am in a complete state and seem to have a mental block - not even sure why??? I've never had anything like this before and am feeling a bit useless.


same here! submission by end of 2011 and viva hopefully by march max......:)


Hi Gertie9 - Good to hear that you are writing you final chapter. I totally understand what you mean by mental block. I myself have undergone in many times. I would just sit and stare at a blank word document for ages not knowing where to start :-( You have come really a long way and perhaps you should think about taking some time off - do outdoorsy stuff! I sometimes go for a walk alone with some music on my mp3 player which really helps. Good luck with your final chapter :-)

Hi Billy8181 - Welcome to this thread. How are you getting on with your writing? I am like you aiming to submit by the end of Dec 2011/beginning of Jan 2012 and viva in Mar 2012. All the best to you (up)

28.08.2011's entry

1. I managed to complete half of the calculations which I lost - worked solid 6 hours yesterday and am really pleased with that. I am at work now doing the rest half of it - aiming to finish by 9 pm and then gonna watch a movie with a friend of mine.

2. Tomorrow - need to submit some of my simulations. I tried trouble shooting yesterday with those results which I had got couple of days ago but couldn't find what went wrong yet. Got to work on that too.

I hope all are enjoying the long week end!