Anticlimactic process of submission


Just submitted my thesis, which is great and a relief, but also oddly bureaucratic and lacking any ceremony! Don't know what should be done, but it would be nice to have something to make it more of an event.


Yes I remember this well. Pre submission it seems to be such a big step to get to. And then when you get there you realise there's still the viva to get through, and you're far from finished, and yes it's very anti climax like. You can organise your own mini celebration of course. Maybe treat yourself to a nice meal or night out? Whatever you would like. And then look ahead to the next stage. Good luck!


Yes. My submission was a great relief as compared to viva!


I agree. I do realise that across the university there are many people handing in theses and the staff of the registry can't throw a party every time but when I handed in my upgrade report and hard copy I got a smile and a 'well done' amongst all the checking and form filling which was a kind acknowledgement of work done whereas when I handed in the softbound copy, which was the biggest hurdle in my mind, I might as well have been notifying them of a change of address and it felt very anticlimactic.

It also felt rather anticlimactic that although I was told informally that I had passed, the only official confirmation I got from the university in the following two months was a letter demanding the return of any outstanding library books.

And congratulations BTW.


I think academia is like this, especially science. Every result takes so long to get there that when it actually arrives it's like... meh.


I have submitted twice.First time I submitted I went out for a meal with my partner. Second time I submitted, we had a quiet barbecue with a few friends to celebrate the occasion.


I submitted online as I was not in the UK at that time (my visa was close to expiring). I sent the PDF copy to the Printing and Services people with detailed instructions of how many copies required, how many pages, etc.
Then I had to pay for the printing costs via online to the Printing people. Once that was done, they set out to print and bind my thesis, then someone sent my thesis to the Exams office. The whole process took some 2-3 days and many e-mails. Looking back it was such a rush trying to complete everything on time (due to the distance as well) but I had to do it quickly due to visa matters etc.