Bogus conferences :O


Wow! Didn't know that bogus conferences and journals exist! :O
And they take our money to present in the crappy place! :O :O

How do you recognize that a place is bogus? : (
And I almost sent one paper to one! : (


Hiya ttdan, yes, such things exist !


Generally if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So unsolicited emails not coming via a good mailing list, offering to publish your book, inviting you to a conference somewhere nice with guaranteed acceptance, or guaranteed publication of papers in an online journal are generally warning signs that it's fishy. Either that or I've just ignored some really good opportunities in today's email... Look at other people's cvs in your field and see where they present and publish, and follow suit.


Quote From tt_dan:

And I almost sent one paper to one! : (

How did you know it was a bogus conference? Was it based on the bogus place where they claimed it would be held?