I'm surprised at how infrequently Brexit seems to come up on this forum... yeh I get it, it's old news now and everyone is totally sick of hearing about it. I just thought I'd do my own private (and deeply biased) poll on it though... if anyone is willing to participate... no need to reveal your vote, but: have your views changed at all since the 2016 referendum?

Bored and not wanting to make final changes to thesis before submission,

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I voted remain, still want remain. Hope it doesn't hurt me too much. Though I am fortunate that I have dual UK/EU citizenship.

If anything I think the country will be better in the long term 10 years+ if we actually brexit. As there is a huge chunk of society that feels massively betrayed by democracy which cannot be easily rebuilt. If we somehow remain in the EU we will have a crazy populist (worse than Trump) very soon.


Thanks for sharing! Your last sentence is scary and yeh, makes sense )-':

I realise this forum isn't about politics, but I hope a few more people share their thoughts too!


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Bored and not wanting to make final changes to thesis before submission,

Hah! Guess I'm procrastinating too! My views haven't really changed and I'm unfortunately not surprised at the complete omnishambles that has be honest, the news just stresses me out these days so I'm pretty ignorant as to the precise ins and outs of what's going on right now. I do make more of an effort to educate myself before I actually vote, I promise!

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The news has been the same for the last few weeks; MPs cant agree and blame each other while the world burns. We can't do anything except vote for the least bad option at the next election, if there ever is one.


Hi. It doesn't matter about your PhD, throw it in the bin....

after all, with the extra £35,000,000 the NHS will get per week, we can all get jobs there!


It's not Brexit which bothers me. After all it's a complex thing and there isn't a clear majority view on how to proceed. Such is life. It will get resolved sooner or later.

What really is getting on my nerves is the 10 percenters (the extremists) on both sides who are constantly screeching for attention. Those are the people who talk about the sky falling down if the other side get their way. If there was an internet filter for that type of person, the world would be a happier place and everyone's broadband would run a lot faster. If parliament wasnt full of this type of person we would have had a resolution to this already. I am absolutely convinced of that.

I haven't changed my position. I voted Remain and still think this is the best position but if we get a Hard Brexit then so be it. We'll be fine in the longer term either way. We had two world wars in 30 years and our country didnt collapse. Nobody will convince me that there is a form of Brexit which could cause us more difficulty than that period in our history.


Hi all! These are really interesting points and views! Thanks for sharing!

I think my only strong feeling is that we should not have a second referendum. If we remain, then remain - and explain why that decision was taken (and whilst at it, also apologise for the first referendum as it was obviously a big mistake). But don't chuck it back to the people and then try and tell them in was their decision. I am certain that many who voted leave first time round - many for whom it was the first time they had ever believed in something enough to vote for it - which is pretty amazing - would not vote again... ever. Because chucking it back like that confirms their beliefs that their voice is disregarded if it doesn't say what the "elites", celebs, etc, want it to. That's my view anyway.

I think I agree with your point pm133 about having a resolution by now if it wasn't for the extremists and their un-compromising-ness on both sides. And definitely nothing like this can even come near those periods in our history.

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Remain and remain again here too. My biggest concern in relation to my past in research is the UK will become a backwater as regards research, to some degree excluded from collaberative research projects within the EU. Remain is the best way of projecting these relationships rather than become a technology and EU rule taker.

I'm not going to go on, but I think a set of MPs on the right of the Tory party with anti-European ideologies have managed to tap into discontent in former working class and older voters to get t the result they want.

Okay, rant time. Make our own deals - yea, they're roll overs of already existing EU deals, sometimes watered down, with the exception of Trump's chlorinated chicken deal. Make own laws - EU laws especially with employment rights seem more advanced compared to such right wingers who want employment rights stripped away. No European Court of Justice interference - I'll leave that to the lawyers, but again do I want the Tory right wing running the show here?. I'll add if we want to sell goods to our largest foreign market - the EU - we still have to adhere to EU laws and outside the EU, we will have no say in them.

IF we get a second referendum, if my home area in NE England is anything to go by, there is a lot of anger the result hasn't been implemented, which looks likely to boost the Leave vote.

Other leave-voting areas may have drifted to remain in the last couple of years, though I'll leave this for others to judge in such areas.