Bullet points in thesis



I have been told by my supervisors that I should use bullet points in my thesis. For example, to summarize the key findings, I should use bullet points.

Is that OK?




Hi Chococake,

I wrote up my thesis last year and my supervisor suggested using bullet points to summarise the main findings in the introduction of each results chapter. I was actually quite against this, (I almost felt like I was telling people spoilers to each chapter! ), but I went along with it.

Neither of my examiners commented on it, and I think from an outsiders point of view it is probably a nice way to see the key findings.

So, from my experience it was completely fine, but I understand why you're questioning it as I did too!

Good luck with your writing,



I used bullet points quite often in my thesis. My examiners loved them. My originality was also given in bullet points. It was nice and tidy, and it was like inviting the examiners to tick the boxes of what pioneering research my thesis includes.

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I highly recommend using them as it clarifies uncertainty and breaks down complex ideas which other people may not grasp. But don't over do it