Certified translation of transcripts (grad school application)


I'm sure some forum user has been through something similar...

My situation:

I'm preparing mi application to grad school in UK, my transcripts are in Spanish but I'm currently living in Japan.

My problem:

I need to send an "officially translated copy" (well, on-line application...) of the transcripts.

And now the fun begins:

In the website of the university I read:
"Official translations must be verified by your original university, a solicitor or official translation service such as that provided by the British Council (British Council website)."
I've searched the british Council website as CRAZY and couldn't find any "official translation service".
I did a google search and found a company based in the uk that would do the translation, for 140 POUNDS!!! (4 pages). Plus, how can I know if they are qualified to do an official translation? 
My original university is out of question. Even if I were in Spain, they don't offer that service.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


I don't really know about translation services, but would the Spanish Embassy in London be able to suggest anything? They must be used to dealing with that type of request. Good luck anyway!


I did my official transcripts in Italy. You can go to any english school providing translation services, and they will do everything. The "everything" includes translating + going to officialize the translation in front of a solicitor or clerck + paying the fee for the solicitor or clerck ( ca. 20-30 euros). The price was around 150 euros. I know it is a lot but is the most effective way. In theory you could translate the certificates by yourself and then swearing in front of a solicitor that you translated it in troth, but it takes a lot of time and you need to be in your Country.
The important thing is that your certificate will have the official solicitor's stamp.


Hi Renoa, I also needed transcripts when I applied for my PhD in UK some months ago and my University (in Italy) did everything for me. It wasn't that easy and it took about 3 weeks, but in the end it was all right. Maybe you can email/call your spanish university and explain them your situation, you can always try and see..good luck :-)


When I needed a translation of my Greek degree, in order to enroll in my first master, I went to the British Counsil and they did it for me. Do you have any relatives or friends back in Spain? They could contact British Council in Spain for you and get the papers done...


Check out Ulatus website. They are ISO certified and can help you in this. I have a friend who used their services last year. -


Hi Renoa,
The last time I neede some translation services ( https://www.okodia.co.uk/translation-services ) I called Okodia! They are a translation agency who also works in Spain and with official translations. I am sure they will be able to help you (or any other) in the future!