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Saturday, 12 September 2009 at 6:06pm
Saturday, 12 September 2009 at 6:08pm
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Thread: Certified translation of transcripts (grad school application)

12-Sep-09, 19:21
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by renoa
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posted about 11 years ago
I'm sure some forum user has been through something similar...

My situation:

I'm preparing mi application to grad school in UK, my transcripts are in Spanish but I'm currently living in Japan.

My problem:

I need to send an "officially translated copy" (well, on-line application...) of the transcripts.

And now the fun begins:

In the website of the university I read:
"Official translations must be verified by your original university, a solicitor or official translation service such as that provided by the British Council (British Council website)."
I've searched the british Council website as CRAZY and couldn't find any "official translation service".
I did a google search and found a company based in the uk that would do the translation, for 140 POUNDS!!! (4 pages). Plus, how can I know if they are qualified to do an official translation? 
My original university is out of question. Even if I were in Spain, they don't offer that service.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
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