Change of Supervisor-advise


Dear All,

Am in my 21 months of my Phd study in accounting. i came from the field recently and was informed my Supervisor has moved Uni. am Phd bursary student thus was recruited as part of his package. Now I have been tranfered to the department with possible teaching responsibilities. On the other hand the supervisor has offered me continuation of my Phd in the new uni on the same terms I was here. We get along very well with the sup. The current supervisor I have been allocated has no Phd and he has not really published but he is professor in Finance with wide industry experience( not my field). What should I do move or stay.


From what you say in your post, it sounds like you favour moving. Are you in a position to move eg no family ties and is the new uni somewhere you could face living in for a year or two? If so, staying with someone you like sounds like the best move, rather than an unknown quantity who doesn't sound like he will necessarily know what a PhD should look like or anything about your topic.


I agree it sounds like a good opportunity and if you like the new place, uni that should be ok especially as you get on with your supervisor which is important. The possibility of teaching is good if you want to stay on in academia as this is a very useful skill when applying for lectureships. Good luck.