do you and your supervisor text message?



my supervisor gave me her mobile number, and we text to arrange meetings - she also on a couple of occasions texted me to say she had some spare time in her day if we wanted to meet and discuss something. She has also given me her home number, and we've discussed things over the phone as well.

Do you text/talk on the phone with your sups?


I have my supervisor's home number but never ring it... I wouldn't want to intrude in any way on his personal home time - the only time I used it was when we were attending a meeting and he told me to ring ahead to let him know what time I'd be arriving so he could be right ready to go on to our meeting. I don't think I'd text him, but then although we don't have a really 'formal' relationship I still try to maintain the respectful distance. He has both my home and mobile number available as the uni have them and has called me before about work issues when he knew my internet was down but that's about it.


I occasionally phone my supervisor up in his office, but would never phone him at home, and I don't think he has a mobile.

We arranged everything necessary by email.


My supervisor rings me at work occassionally but I can't see a situation where we would text (but then I don't really text many people)


I had one supervisor who had my mobile number and vice versa, only because of a work evening we went out on (I didn't know anybody else going as it was in a different department). I think he text me a few times about work.


My supervisor said that she likes to think of me as a colleague rather than student and, as such, I have been given the mobile numbers of everyone I work with. I never saved them on my phone, though, as I prefer to e-mail and keep what I feel to be an appropriate distance. Funnily enough, my supervisor once rang me up and, because I sounded really tired on the phone, started accusing me of having just gotten up! I don't like phone conversations anyway. I hate those periods of silence and have to fill it with chat, even random chat, so not letting the person on the receiving end get a word in edgeways.


We work in a team of about 12 of us, and we all have everyone's mobile numbers. We don't often use them, but my sup has phoned me occasionally and has texted me the odd time to wish me well if I've been ill or something. More recently she texted me on Saturday morning to ask me to email her some work, which was mildly irritating, but I guess we can't have it all ways! I've only ever instigated a text conversation with her once, and that was pretty much an emergency! KB


yes we text each other....
love satchi


ohhh....almost 2 years to PhD but never ever any phone conversations! no text..a machine called telephone does not exist for us...just email. Even when my supervisor cancelled meeting at the last minute, he emailed...which I cannot check over the phone :( and I kept waiting for half an hr in front of his room. Later got back to desk and knew about the cancellation :( :(


yes, my supervisor and I text each other too. It's just another method of communicating, and sometimes it happens to be the most practical. Why is this even a question, I don't understand.


A few times, but my supervisor is more a phone person. We have each other's mobile and home phone numbers. He has rang me at home multiple times, mainly to disucss work. I am a part time student too. We e-mail a lot as well. I have called him at home before but only after he left a message to call him back. I have met his wife and kids mutliple times and been to his house to dinner with just him, his wife and one other person. It is rare for few days to go by without ANY communication. Face to face meetings pretty much any time I am at the university which is about 2x a week.

To be honest, it's a bit too much and I look forward to finsihing so that I can have a bit more space. I feel somewhat smothered.


we text if it's urgent (e.g. "I'm going to be 10 minutes late to your meeting") but otherwise we email each other. Don't have her home number, and she doesn't have mine.


Someone, somewhere below mentioned about keeping at a safe distance from a Sup for safety reasons. It could happen that it all ends up at a TV Program 'Wife Swap' but this time directed by an Internal. I will definitely never go within 500 meters radius where he lives....
Yeah, by the way he did send me 3 txt messages. And all were to cancel a prearranged meeting which I read whilst on a train journey to the point of interception...